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By Victory Day “Immortal Regiment”to be held on Astana streets

by March 31, 2017 Key Issues

According to the Mayor’s Office of the capital, the purpose of the event is to preserve the memory of the descendants of the war veterans of 1941-1945, as well as the education of patriotism and the world values among the younger generation.

The nationwide civil initiative “Immortal Regiment” exists since 2012. The main task of the movement is the preservation in each family of personal memory of the generation that passed through the war of 1941-1945. The Coordination Council of “Immortal Regiment” in Astana was formed in 2014 and consists of indifferent citizens, who are on volunteer bases involved in the organization of the procession. With the support of the Internal Policy Department of Astana, in honor of celebrating the 70th anniversary of Victory in 2015, over 1 500, and in 2016 over 7 thousand descendants of veterans passed with portraits along the streets of the capital.

It is to be added that today “Immortal Regiment” is an international procession that unites over 60 countries of the world.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050