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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Budget of MHSD for 2017 to make 3 tn 104 bn tenge

by October 11, 2016 Key Issues

“The draft budget of the Ministry for the triennium is formed in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 of the Ministry. 3 trillion 104 billion tenge in 2017 provided to implement he directions of the strategic plan, that in relation to GDP is 6.4%, and to the republican budget of the country is 40%. 3 trillion 47 billion tenge is the current program, and 57 billion tenge – development budget,” the Vice-Minister has said.

The budget for 2018 is 3 trillion 457 billion tenge, the budget for 2019 will be 3 trillion 947 billion tenge.

According to Deputy Minister, MHSD divided expenses into two areas: that health care – expenses for 2017 amounted to 1 trillion 14 billion tenge (32.7%), and social and labor sphere – 2 trillion 90 billion tenge (67.3%) .

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan