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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Brazil signed the Treaty of participation in the EXPO 2017

by October 11, 2016 Legal

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) will represent the company “Itaipu binasional” – a world leader in the development of clean and renewable energy at the international exhibition.

The company founded in 1973 and managed on a parity basis by Brazil and Paraguay; it is granted the world’s largest “Itaipu” hydroelectric power plant located on the Parana River on the border between the two countries. “Itaipu” HEPS plays a huge role in the economy and the energy sector between the two countries, providing 20% of the total electricity needs of Brazil and 80% of Paraguay’s electricity.The company produced 2.3 billion megawatts of electricity since its inception.

The uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that it is an example of successful cooperation between the two countries on water management, coordinated the distribution of energy resources, introduction of innovative programs in the field of clean and renewable energy.

The company plans to present innovative projects to produce biogas, bioethanol, solar energy, technologies for the development of deepwater oil and gas fields, as well as a program of water cultivation, which is a set of measures to improve the environmental situation in the region, the fight against erosion, landscape development, increasing the size of the forest belt, cultivation of high-quality organic Agroproduct. This program is implemented in the territory of 8 thousand sq. m. km, which is home to about 1 million people, provided jobs with more than 150 thousand people.

By signing participation Agreement in the exhibition, Brazil established itself as one of the largest pavilions at Expo 2017 and now starts to work on its thematic content.

According to the national company, Brazil has become 83rd country which will participate in the international exhibition EXPO-2017. To date, 106 countries and 17 international organizations have confirmed their participation at the exhibition, 99 commissioners of sections of countries and international organizations were appointed.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan