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Branch of British Royal Institute of Transport and Logistics opened on basis of KazATC

by May 24, 2017 Key Issues

In the current year KazATC is accredited for the professional education under CILT programs. The opening of a branch of CILT Kazakhstan on the basis of KazATC will allow the introduction of training in the international educational programs of the British Institute.

Acceptance of students will begin on June 1 this year.

“The training will be carried out by the faculty of KazATC, which has received the CILT licenses, as well as teachers from the UK with practice in leading transport and logistics companies of the world, institute’s partners”, KTZ noted.

The branch offers young specialists, engineers, middle and senior managers courses on obtaining professional education in the field of transport and logistics with issuing an international diploma.

It should be noted that the Royal Institute of Transport and Logistics is a leading educational institution of professional education in England and in Europe in the field of logistics, transport and integrated supply chain management. The Institute is a member of the National Council for CILT International and has offices in 35 countries.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050