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Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

“Bezumnaya Zhenshina” and Other Viners

by August 27, 2017 Fun

Many of us have accounts in different social networks. Someone needs them for communication, others for popularity. In recent years, vines, which are short videos, have become one of the factors of mega-recognition. Correspondents of the media center of the Mayor’s Office of the capital have visited the first festival of viners, Astana Vine Fest 2017, and got acquainted with the idols of the Kazakhstani youth.

Now the main part of the audience of viners is school and university students. The festival has started with the weary expectation of the “Instagram” stars. And here they are on the red carpet. Before the beginning of the festival, the organizers have arranged an autograph session for teenagers. Everyone interested had time to get not only signatures of viners, but also to take a selfie.

“The idea of holding the festival is very good, since it motivates young people not to sit still, but to do something themselves. Today, the Internet gives you great opportunities to express yourself, to show the best that you can do: sing, draw. When watching vines, people get a wave of positive emotions,” – one of the most recognizable viners in Kazakhstan, Nurlan Batyrov, explains.

According to the viner, the time of creating one video depends on the idea. You can edit a vine in 15 minutes, but sometimes videos can take two days. He tried to explain why the image of a “Mad Woman” (Bezumnaya Zhenshina), which Nurlan embodies in his videos, has become super popular.

“Some friends say that the vines about the “Mad Woman” are filmed about their girlfriends. Many see it as a reflection of some inner emotions, experiences. Perhaps in real life, no girl behaves like this, but sometimes she wants to approach her boyfriend and give him a slap,” – Nurlan says.

The winner in the nomination of “The Best Female Role” Nagima Akhmetova was greeted with a squall of applause. She was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, a city where one of the first professional ice hockey teams was formed. Therefore, in her childhood, Nagima has been dreaming of getting engaged in hockey.

“I’ve never been thinking of becoming a video blogger. My career has started absolutely suddenly. In my opinion, vines have become popular in the country, because they touch upon vital topics,” – Nagima says.

The top viners of Kazakhstan, such as Batyroff, Yurframe, Nagimuwaa, XaXa_Show and others have presented their works based on pre-defined topics in five nominations.

The winners of the first festival of viners in different categories were as follows: T_Jokers – “The Best Video of the Year”, Meirzhan_Bas_Production – “The Best Actor”, Nagimuwaa – “The Best Actress”, Azimakula – “The Best Actor in a Supporting Role”, Togy_Dell – “People’s Choice”. Prize-winners of the festival received memorable awards and a monetary reward in the amount of 300 thousand tenge from sponsors of the festival.

“The house is full today; there are more than a thousand people. I think it’s great! Now we are trying to carry out projects that are really interesting for our youth. Residents of the capital will enjoy new activities expected in the framework of “Rukhani Zhangyru” program,” – Askhat Oralov, the Head of the capital’s Office for Youth Policy Issues, said.

Source: Akimat of Astana