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Best is to resign, Mahathir on Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam

by October 4, 2019 Legal

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it would be best for Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to resign following the protracted anti-government demonstrations. He also predicted that China will eventually take severe action against the protestors.

The fact is that she is in a dilemma; she has to obey the masters and, at the same time, has to ask her own conscience.

Her conscience says that the people of Hong Kong are right in rejecting the law but, on the other hand, she knows the consequences of rejecting the law.

But for the administrator, I think, the best thing to do is resign, he said in a question-and-answer session during the opening of LAWASIA’s inaugural Constitutional and Rule of Law Conference, here.

Anti-government protests on a proposed extradition law have rocked Hong Kong since June although the bill has since been rescinded.

The proposed law would allow the transfer of fugitives to jurisdictions with which Hong Kong lacks an extradition deal, including mainland China.