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Bastau Business project starts in 160 districts and monocities – Atameken NCE

by April 5, 2018 Health

Atameken NCE has been implementing the Bastau Business project since 2017 in the second direction of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship, it is aimed at training rural people with entrepreneurial skills, including the principles of forming agricultural cooperatives, and supporting their business projects.

As Bauyrzhan Orazgaliyev noted, according to the results of the Bastau Business project in 2017, the target indicators were fulfilled by 100%.

“During 2017, 15 thousand people were trained in 80 districts. Of these, 3314 opened or expanded their business. 2555 projects were opened due to preferential microcrediting at 6% per annum. More than 700 projects were launched due to the entrepreneurs’ own resources,” Bauyrzhan Orazgaliyev said.

80% of the realized projects are from the sphere of agriculture. The rest is service, trade, etc.

According to the representative of the NPP, this year it is planned to train 30 thousand people and at least 6 thousand of them should open their own business.

“In 2018, the geography of the Bastau Business project is expanding. In 2017, the project was implemented in 14 oblasts, in 80 districts. In 2018, the project will start in 160 districts, as well as single-industry towns,” Orazgaliyev informed.

Courses are conducted both in groups and individually. Course duration is 1 month. The total duration of group practical training is 80 hours.

Training is conducted by a business trainer in an interactive form using modern teaching methods.

Individual training includes consulting on the preparation of a business plan or the development of a business project, and the total duration is not more than 120 hours per group.

“This year we prepared 160 trainers. All of them are professionals in their field. Most of them have previously engaged in entrepreneurship, which means that they can provide practical support,” Orazgaliyev said.

Participants in the training of entrepreneurship can become rural residents living in rural areas, in rayon centers, unemployed, regardless of registration at the employment center and self-employed, wishing to open their own business, as well as beginning entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan