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Bakytzhan Sagintayev speaks at the opening of the Ministerial Conference

by June 12, 2017 Legal

The speech of Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev at the Ministerial Conference “Ensuring Sustainable Energy Development”, held in Astana within the framework of EXPO-2017.

Ladies and gentlemen! Dear friends!

I am glad to cordially welcome you to our land with rich centuries-old history and traditions, to our young and modern, rapidly developing capital – Astana!

It is of fundamental importance that our meeting takes place during the beginning of the work of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 “Energy of the Future”.

We are grateful to all countries and international organizations – participants of EXPO, which presented their innovative ideas and technologies in Astana.

Only a day has passed, and we already admire the exhibits and developments on the most important topics of green energy, availability of renewable energy sources, and sustainable development of energy.

I am convinced that our conference will also contribute to these reflections on the energy future of mankind and will open a new chapter in the history of global dialogue and exchange of experience between different countries, cultures and civilizations.

Today I would like to express special thanks to the five United Nations Regional Commissions, thanks to whose support our dialogue has become possible here in the heart of Eurasia – in Astana.

Kazakhstan as a dynamically developing state adheres to the strategy of ensuring long-term and sustainable development of world energy.

– Almost ten years ago (September 25, 2007), our President N.A. Nazarbayev proposed to develop a global energy and ecological strategy at the UN General Assembly session and discuss it at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development;

– In 2011, at the UN General Assembly, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed a “Green Bridge” partnership program designed to strengthen “green” economic growth in the region;

– In 2012, this program was approved at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development “Rio+20” as an interregional mechanism for transitioning to a “green economy”, open to the participation of all parties;

– In 2013, Kazakhstan adopted the Concept for transitioning to a “green economy”, which created conditions for systemic changes in the energy sector of our country;

– In 2016, we committed ourselves to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement;

– At present, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working on the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan’s economy.

We plan that by 2050 our reforms in the framework of “green economy” will allow increasing Kazakhstan’s GDP by 3%, create more than 500 thousand new jobs, form new sectors of industry and services, and improve the quality of life.

Energy is the fundamental need of civilizations, the life of every human being. And now we see how the world energy industry is rapidly changing under the influence of technological innovations, carrying both challenges and great opportunities.

At the new stage, it is of fundamental importance not simply to discuss the current situation, but to understand what coordinated actions must be taken by governments of different countries and international organizations to ensure sustainable development in the energy sector.

There is a wise Kazakh proverb: “What is sown by fathers is for children to reap”.

Today, we need new models for the global energy market, which should give an impetus to developing world economy, allow us to find a balance between economic development and preservation of the planet’s ecosystem.

This, in my opinion, is our responsibility to the future and future generations.

Today, the international community faces an ambitious task of building a new energy system and implementing sustainable energy policies around the globe.

Kazakhstan stands for the dialogue of all concerned parties � governments, business, the scientific community and international organizations � in the interest of promoting a policy of sustainable development.

Kazakhstan supports the UN energy policy in accordance with the UN goals, the Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Each of the previous energy forums for sustainable development gave impetus to our partnership and dialogue.

We hope that the agreements reached in Astana will strengthen the long-term cooperation of all concerned parties in the energy sector, and the provisions of the Declaration of today’s conference will be included in The EXPO-2017 Values Manifesto.

I wish you all fruitful and productive work!

Welcome to Kazakhstan!”

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan