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Bakytzhan Sagintayev meets with Semey’s activists and public to clarify objectives of the President’s Address

by October 10, 2018 Fun

Opening the meeting, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that the main aspect of the new message is to improve the quality of life of the population. Special attention was paid to improving the quality of education from pre-school age, this will contribute to the formation of a competitive citizen. As part of ensuring comfortable living for citizens, the importance of improving housing and communal conditions, especially during the heating season, was outlined.

In general, for the implementation of all tasks of the President’s Address for a three-year period, 1.75 trillion tenge was allocated, which will be aimed at creating the necessary conditions to improve the quality of life of Kazakhstan’s people. So, in order to increase the income level of the population, from January 1, 2019 the minimum wage will be increased 1.5 times � from 28,000 to 42,500 tenge. In addition, 275,000 civil servants will receive a salary of an average of 35% more. These are, first of all, educators and health care workers.

It should be noted that with an increase in the minimum wage, the tax burden for the employed population will decrease in proportion to the increase in tax deductions from the income of all employees. Reducing the tax burden, in turn, will affect more than 6 million employees.

A report on this issue was made by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Madina Abylkassymova. According to her, in order to implement the instructions of the Head of State to increase the size of the minimum wage, the Government makes amendments to the current legislation. In general, the increase in the minimum wage will lead to an increase in wages for 1.3 million people working in low-paying positions in all sectors of the economy. Nearly 10.5 billion tenge will be allocated for the reimbursement of losses of the local budget from the non-receipts of individual income and social taxes in the republican budget.

The implementation of all measures envisaged in the Address will provide a powerful socioeconomic effect in the form of growth in real incomes of the population, growth in the solvency of the population, increase in aggregate domestic demand and a decrease in the volume of the shadow economy, said Abylkassymova.

The Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev, reported that within the framework of fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State, work is being done to improve the status of teachers, their salaries, the quality of education, as well as the necessary conditions for children and teachers are being created, and work is being done to expand the coverage of pre-school education.

By order of the Head of State, a law ‘On the Status of a Teacher’ will be developed. The law will provide incentives to improve the social status of teachers, reduce the workload and protect against unnecessary checks and other measures. The draft law will be developed within 2-3 months, and submitted for public discussion. I ask teachers, parents and everyone to take an active part in this work, said Sagadiyev.

At the same time, currently 2.5 billion tenge was allocated from the republican budget for the construction of three schools in the region. Additional allocated 50 billion tenge, in the first place, will go to the elimination of emergency schools.

In general, the orders given by the Head of State will be discussed with the pedagogical community and parents, explained and then implemented. All innovations will be introduced only with their support, said Sagadiyev, addressing the city’s public.

The Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov drew attention to the measures taken to improve the quality of primary health care, which is intended to become a central element of national health care for the prevention and early control of diseases. In total, 2,261 primary health care specialists are being trained in the region, including 611 doctors and 1,650 nurses.

Birtanov reported that from 2019, paper records will be canceled, all health organizations will switch to electronic format. This, he said, will reduce the burden on doctors in terms of filling out unnecessary documentation – all information will be stored in electronic health passports. Until November 2019, 100% of the population will have an electronic health passport, which will provide full access to objective data on the health of every citizen, regardless of where the person has applied. In addition, in the provision of medicines, there is a personalized electronic record of the issuance of all free medicines and the automation of the supply planning system. As the minister noted, these measures will allow to correctly form purchase requisitions.

Legislative changes will be adopted by the end of 2018. In accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, a pricing system for all drugs, which is scheduled to start in 2019, and a pilot drug tracking system which will unify prices for the same drugs throughout the country, have been developed.

Minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kassymbek in his report noted that the Address of the Head of State Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life defines the tasks of creating a comfortable living environment, developing transport infrastructure, improving the quality of local roads, creating working places through the development of export-oriented industries.

First of all, providing citizens with quality and affordable housing.

Last year, 3,638 dwellings were built in the East Kazakhstan region, including 1,347 individual houses. In 2018 it is planned to commission 410,500 m�, including from state sources in the framework of the Nurly Zher Program � 126,400 m�. In general, in the republic for the construction of 1,294,000 m� (22,623 apartments) 172.5 billion tenge of state investment was directed. In the city of Semey, within the framework of the Nurly Zher program, 3.5 billion tenge was allocated for the construction of 28,500 m� of housing (486 m�) – this is for the construction of eight residential houses for credit, Kassymbek informed.

At the same time, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, over the next five years, the State Program Nurly Zher plans to build more than 650,000 dwellings, which will provide housing for about 2 million citizens. The tool of providing citizens with housing is the initiative of the Head of State 7�20�25. Thanks to this program, in the next five years about 103,000 people will be able to purchase housing.

By the end of the year, it is planned to open traffic from the border of Pavlodar region to Semey city and further to Kalbatau. In 2019, it is planned to complete the Taskesken-Bakhty section and the Ust-Kamenogorsk-Zyryanovsk-Rakhman Springs section. Since 2017, the reconstruction of the Kalbatau-Maikapshagay motorways, 415 km long and Taldykorgan-Ust-Kamenogorsk, 449 km long, has started with completion in 2020. In general, the main international road routes pasing through the region will be reconstructed by 2021, informed Kassymbek.

Along with this, during the years of industrialization in the East Kazakhstan region, the branches of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, etc. were actively developed. Fifty-seven projects worth 224.6 billion tenge were commissioned, and 7,100 permanent jobs were created. The region’s share in the total production of the manufacturing sector is 14%, and in the total export volume is 15%. More than 40 enterprises of East Kazakhstan region export their products. These are mainly products of the metallurgical, chemical and engineering industries.

The First Vice Minister of Agriculture Arman Yevniev reported that in order to accomplish the tasks set by the Head of State, the necessary measures will be taken to increase the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex and its technological re-equipment. At least 100 billion tenge will be additionally allocated annually for these purposes, which will allow to fully implement the tasks assigned to the agro-industrial complex.

According to him, in order to increase the availability of financing for the agro-industrial complex, work is underway to improve existing and introduce new financial instruments. These are the introduction of agrarian receipts, the improvement of agricultural insurance, as well as the development of a system of credit partnerships.

During the meeting, the Chairman of Atameken NCE Ablay Myrzakhmetov noted that in the Address 2019 special attention was paid to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Starting in 2019, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, 30 billion tenge will be additionally provided from the republican budget for the further implementation of the Business Roadmap 2020. This will allow for three years to create at least 22,000 new jobs.

Representatives of the public of Semey spoke in support of the initiatives of the Head of State, voiced in the Address.

The Head of State emphasized the need to create a comfortable living environment. It consists primarily in the availability of housing, a beautiful and safe courtyard, convenient for living and working in the village and high-quality infrastructure. For me, as a builder with extensive experience, the new Address opens up new opportunities. We are ready to implement the tasks set by the President. Starting next year, we will raise the salary at our enterprise by 50%, said A. Duskuzhanov, founder of Firma Asia LLP.

It should be noted that the construction company Firma Asia LLP participates in the implementation of the Nurly Zher program.

In the Address, the President of the country sets the task – to systematically develop the regional and urban environment. It is within the framework of this approach that the modern Karagaila microdistrict is being built in Semey, where all infrastructure issues have been resolved. This is a clear example of the implementation of the ‘people to infrastructure’ model. It is planned to build about 100 apartment buildings, said Duskuzhanov.

History teacher of the Semey city school No. 38 V. Galushko is sure that an increase in education expenses will soon yield effective results.

The annual Address of the President to the people is an important event for any citizen of the republic. Each of us finds in it the main direction for himself. For me, as a teacher, it is especially important that the new Address pays special attention to education. There is the need to adopt a law on the status of a teacher next year, raising the minimum wage by 1.5 times from January 1, 2019, which is on average 35%, the history teacher said.

At the same time, Galushko noted that teachers already receive allowances for teaching on the updated content of education, maintenance of subjects of the natural-mathematical cycle in English and for confirmation of certification in the new format.

The physician of the functional diagnostics of the emergency hospital of Semey city I. Rakhimova noted that the modernization of the health care system would significantly improve the quality of medical services, and the introduction of digitalization would relieve paperwork and allow more time to be spent on healing. In turn, the conditions of the housing program 7�20�25, in her opinion, contribute to obtaining their own housing for doctors and physicians.

Doctor of Philology, Professor at the State University after Shakarim A. Espenbetov noted the importance and timeliness of the task to raise the status of a teacher in the annual Address of the Head of State.

We have witnessed the global achievements of our country. The historical document � the Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan � is really aimed at improving the quality of human capital, creating all the necessary conditions, said A. Espenbetov, expressing gratitude to the Head of State.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan