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Bakytzhan Sagintayev holds a meeting of National Commission for Modernization

by September 11, 2018 Business

In the course of the meeting, issues of implementation of the Head of State’s instructions listed in the Nation’s Plan � 100 Concrete Steps were discussed.

As noted during the meeting, most of the areas of work are at the final stage. In particular, a pilot project has been implemented to raise the salaries of civil servants depending on the results of their activities, work is being carried out to improve the quality and level of education and medical services, transfer functions that are not in the state of competition to the competitive environment and self-regulating organizations, strengthen the role of public councils under state bodies and akims. A large block of issues was considered for the transfer of expertise of projects to a competitive environment, the introduction of the Eurocode system in place of outdated building codes and rules, applied from the Soviet period. The directions of the work on attracting transnational corporations to the processing sector for the creation of export goods and the entry of Kazakhstan into the world markets, the creation of joint ventures with “anchor investors” � international strategic partners, the development of two innovative clusters as the basis for the formation of a knowledge-based economy, the creation of tourist clusters, the implementation of the National Champions initiative were also discussed.

Also the participants paid attention to the implementation of steps to develop Astana, as business, cultural and scientific center of Eurasia, attracting researchers, students, entrepreneurs, tourists from around the region. The issue of the Development Strategy of the Astana International Financial Center with specialization in servicing capital markets and Islamic financing was considered.

Taking into account the discussion at the meeting, state bodies and organizations were given specific instructions on the final elaboration of all directions. The results of the work will be heard at the next meeting of the National Commission at the end of this year.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan