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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Bakytzhan Sagintayev discusses topical issues of healthcare development with medical workers of Atyrau region

by April 13, 2018 Legal

Director of the polyclinic, A. Utegenova, reported on the work on digitization of the institution. In particular, the system of the electronic queue KazMedInform was shown, the possibilities of using mobile applications were demonstrated.

Opening the meeting with health workers, B. Sagintayev noted that comprehensive work is being done on modernization of healthcare, the main purpose of which is the economization of the sphere. In this regard, the liberalization and deregulation of health market are taking place, administrative barriers for private organizations are being removed, investments are being attracted, public-private partnership is being developed. Government keeps all of these issues under special control. In 2017, restrictions on the private sector were lifted 1.7 times. This increased private investments in healthcare twice to 44.2 billion tenge. Systemic work is continuing on the introduction of CSHI, a legislative base has been created, since last year the fund has started to work, employers pay deductions.

Head of the regional health department, M. Aimurziyeva, reported on the state of affairs in healthcare in the region. Chief Physician of the Atyrau regional hospital, S. Shomirov, spoke about the introduction of electronic health passports. Chief Physician of the Heart Center, M. Konussov, reported on the reconstruction of the Health Center, the situation with cardiovascular diseases in the region and the development of new types of surgeries by doctors. Also the Chief Physicians of Mediker medical center, A. Gabdullin, the regional hospital of emergency medical aid, G. Tanbayev, the regional tuberculosis clinic, Zh. Sagiyev made speeches. Akim of the region, N.Nogayev, made a report on discussed matters.

Summarizing the dialogue, Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that the questions of careful preparation for the introduction of compulsory social health insurance, quality and safety of the services provided, drug supply, data security in transition to a paper-free format, provision of computer equipment, coverage with medical information systems, and 100% access to the internet should be in a special priority.

The Prime Minister gave a number of specific instructions on resolving the issues in the region’s health sector.

For reference: To date, 22 hospitals and 84 outpatient clinics provide medical assistance in the region. There is a total of 6212 medical personnel, including 1400 doctors and 4912 average medical workers.

The dynamics of the digitalization of the region’s healthcares 3239 physician and medical personnel computers are equipped at 85% (2751), out of 32 medical organizations all 32 have implemented medical information systems at 100%, in terms of access to the network 74%.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan