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by October 4, 2019 Market

Karaganda B. Saparbayev chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister has held a meeting preparatory work for the medical insurance Strategy20

Responsible for the meeting, akimats in the regions and a number of topical issues that need to be addressed by a number of ministries were discussed.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 90% of the population is covered by medical insurance. Currently, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection continues to engage informally employed people in permanent employment.

According to the Ministry of Labor, today it is necessary to determine the status of 663 thousand people. Also, as a result of the examination of unregistered citizens, some of the residents were reported to have an IMS and some were killed. In this connection, the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Affairs jointly with the regional akimats were urged to update the database of individuals.

The technical training audit showed that the technical development of the regions was above the district level; 100% health information systems were introduced to public health organizations, 97.4% of the workplaces were equipped with computer equipment.

Deputy akims of the oblast were instructed to complete the village technical training. According to the Ministry of Health, there is a lack of computer equipment in Akmola and North Kazakhstan oblasts. Besides, there is no medical information system in Kyzylorda, Almaty and Aktobe oblasts.

Deputy Prime Minister Berdibek Saparbayev instructed to ensure that medical information systems are important for the introduction of MDG system and to strengthen work in this area.

The meeting also discussed the results of the examination of contributions and transfers. “We conducted an expertise and found that employers did not comply with tax and labor legislation. Also, some “seasonal” citizens do not make a regular transfer, as a result they may not be able to participate in the GMS system, “said Minister of Health Elzhan Birtanov.

Regional officials, who have not been provided with jobs for hired workers, are instructed to take control over compliance with the tax legislation together with the territorial subdivisions of the State Revenue Committee.

“We have all the databases. We know when everyone has paid for the last time, how much money has been spent on the pension fund, social and health insurance funds. Akimats in the regions should work with the centers, the Ministries of Labor and Social Protection, and other ministries. We have to finish this event by November 1, “the Deputy Prime Minister said.

In general, Berdybek Saparbayev highly appreciated the preparation of medical insurance. The first month of testing in the Karaganda region showed that the healthcare system is ready to shift to mass health insurance next year.

According to the Karaganda region akimat, according to the results of the first month consumers of expensive diagnostic tests (CT and MRI) have significantly increased. In the meanwhile, an average of 1265 services a month ago, in September this increased by 22%. Access to rehabilitation services improved by 38%. In 8 months of this year, 690 patients received rehabilitation assistance every month, and September was 949 patients. Medical teams went for local visits, scheduled scheduled inspections. More than 15,000 people have already been admitted to doctors.

The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the pilot project and solve the identified problems until the end of the year. And since January 1 new system will be launched across the country.

Doctor of medical sciences, professor Abai Baigenzhin and former Health Minister, doctor of medical sciences Zhaksylyk Doskaliev delivered a speech at the event.

“No country in the world, and even the richest country, can not fully fund its financial responsibility for the health of its citizens. We have been aware that since the Soviet times, the state should pay for medical services, to make expensive dues free of charge, and to provide medicines free of charge. IAB trains people to take responsibility for their own health. Citizens should understand that they are responsible for their health. The GRGS will help increase the resource base in the field of health, increase the economic interest of medical institutions and employees, and to optimize health care more effectively and effectively, “Baigenzhin said.

“Medical insurance is introduced not only in Kazakhstan, but also all over the world. Some say that we can suspend the new system. No, it can not be delayed. We have the President and the President’s instructions, and we have to do it. So next year medical insurance should be introduced, “Berdybek Saparbayev concluded.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050