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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

B. Sagintayev: The task before us is to not lose pace and to secure economic growth at no less than 4% by the end of the year

by July 10, 2018 World Sports

Today, during the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed Ministries and regions to take measures to ensure further growth of the country’s economy.

Having considered the reports on the results of the country’s social and economic development and the execution of the National budget for the first half of 2018, Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that the statistics for the six months show an increase of 4.1%. Despite the fact that in some industries there is a certain growth, at the same time, in certain sectors there is a lag in comparison with last year. For example, in the extraction of non-ferrous metal ores, production of non-metallic mineral products, textiles, leather products, beverages, and refining, the growth is not at the proper level.

In this regard, all central and local executive bodies need to strengthen systemic measures to solve this issue. Particular attention must be paid to the development of such spheres as production, construction. In particular, 513.4 billion tenge were invested in housing construction, which is 28.4% higher than last year. At the same time, the Prime Minister stressed that, despite the growth of indicators, it is necessary to strengthen work on certain areas of the economy.

The task of building dormitories is laid in the Five Social Initiatives of the Head of State, which is now being implemented only in eight regions of the country. These are Akmola, Karaganda, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Almaty, Atyrau, Karaganda regions, cities of Almaty and Astana, � the Prime Minister said.

The Akims of a number of regions reported on the measures taken to fulfill the President’s instructions.

Akim of Aktobe region B. Saparbayev stated that eight dormitories should be built in the region, at the moment preparatory work is underway. In turn, Akim of Zhambyl region A. Myrzakhmetov noted that estimates for construction of one dormitory have been submitted. Work on two hostels is underway. According to Akim of Karaganda region E. Koshanov, until the end of this year 850 students will receive places in a dormitory. Akim of Shymkent Gabidulla Abdrakhimov said that the issue of providing dormitories is being worked out. To date, in the city there are 30 dormitories; 8 thousand students are provided with places in a dormitory.

Following the consideration of the issue, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan instructed the Ministries of National Economy, Finance, Investments and development, Energy, Agriculture, and regions to take the necessary measures to ensure the growth of the country’s economy.

Today I reported to the Head of State on the results of the first half of the year. We face the task of not losing the pace and ensuring at least 4% economic growth by the end of the year, � Sagintayev said.

The Prime Minister said that starting this week, within the framework of the project office, reports on measures to achieve the set indicators will be heard from all Ministries and Akimats.

With regard to increasing the efficiency of the use of allocated funds, the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to implement a mechanism for reducing budget programs was supported.

We conducted an analysis of the commitments of budget programs that were not taken. As a result, we propose to apply the mechanism of reduction to 10% of the annual amount of budget programs, where no contests were held in accordance with the norms of the current budget legislation. On the whole, 16 billion tenge are subject to reduction, � B. Sultanov said.

The Prime Minister also instructed to carry out similar work for the first nine months of this year.

Earlier, during consideration of the results of execution of the National budget for five months of 2018, the Ministry of Finance was instructed to seize the allocated funds if the established indicators were not met following six months and redistribute to implement other tasks set by the Head of State.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan