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B. Sagintayev instructs to accelerate the implementation of the “Five Social Initiatives of the President”

by October 16, 2018 Sports

Today at the meeting of the Government, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, after reviewing the progress of the Five Social Initiatives of the President, gave a number of specific instructions.

Each initiative of the Head of State is aimed at improving the well-being of Kazakhstanis. This is a national priority – raising the level and quality of life of the people.

Regarding the first initiative, the Prime Minister noted the importance of the successful implementation of the 7�20�25 program and the importance of the work of local executive bodies in its implementation.

B. Sagintayev drew the attention of the Government members to the need to speed up work. All opportunities for building houses under the 7�20�25 program are available, financing issues have been resolved. In some regions, the initiative is implemented at a high level, however, there is low work pace also. This is due to the dependence of the pace of construction on demand. In this regard, Akimats of regions are instructed to conduct outreach work with construction companies and banks.

With regards to the second initiative, it was noted that all the preparatory work was carried out. The necessary changes have been made to the current legislation to reduce the tax burden to increase the wages of low-paid workers. Work will begin on January 1, 2019.

Within the framework of the third initiative, B. Sagintayev instructed the Ministry of Education and Science, together with the regional Akimats, to speed up work to provide student youth with dormitories. The Ministry of Finance needs to gradually increase funding for the construction of hostels.

Regarding the implementation of the fourth initiative, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, together with the regional Akimats and NCE Atameken, to within a month resolve all open issues regarding entrepreneurs receiving microloans.

The population of the country is waiting for gas infrastructure. In this regard, as part of the fifth initiative, the large-scale construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline should begin as scheduled and be completed in time.

The progress of the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives of the President will be monitored weekly.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan