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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

B. Sagintayev gets acquainted with reconstruction of Zhezkazgan copper smelter: production level will double

by April 25, 2018 Fun

The development of the mining and metallurgical industry is one of the priority tasks set by the Head of State in the framework of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan.

At the facility Bakytzhan Sagintayev examined the technological process of production of cathode copper, the work of a carousel filling machine and anodic copper spill. Over the entire period of operation of the Zhezkazgan copper smelter, more than 1 billion tons of ore have been extracted from the bowels. In January-March 2018, 30.7 thousand tons of refined copper were produced.

General Director of the enterprise, A. Barmenkulov, presented a warehouse of finished products, and also presented plans for technological modernization of the Zhezkazgan copper smelting plant.

The capacity of the Zhezkazgan copper smelter will be increased due to the operation of two melting ore-thermal furnaces (OTF) with the construction of a new sulfuric acid shop. It should be noted that earlier in 2009, due to a decrease in the amount of available raw materials, the plant switched to the operation mode of one OTF, and the second melting unit was suspended. The decision to launch the second OTF was made in connection with the increase in the volume of copper-bearing raw materials within the planned launch of the Aktogay and Bozshakol concentrators.

According to A. Barmenkulov, the plant, working at half its capacity, produced 100 thousand tons of copper per year. With the introduction of the second furnace, the output will double. This will increase the company’s competitiveness in the world copper production market. About 600 people will be provided with stable job. Contributions to the state budget will increase by hundreds of millions of tenge.

For reference: KazakhmysSmelting plant is a part of the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan and one of the ten leading copper producers in the world � Kazakhmys Corporation LLC. The plant produces copper cathode, containing 99.99% copper and corresponding to the world requirements. Also, by-products are produced: copper vitriol, gold and silver in copper electrolytic sludge, sulfuric acid, lead-containing dust. Currently, the enterprise employs more than 1500 people.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan