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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

B.Sagintayev discussed the problematic issues of SME development with the business community of Almaty


The governor of Almaty Bakytzhan Sagintayev held a meeting with the representatives of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken and the businessmen of the city. A thorough and open conversation about the mechanisms of support and development of small and medium businesses took place. The topics of modernization of the markets, effective use of tourism potential, improvement of the geoinformation map of Almaty, development of the IT industry and digitalization were raised. We also considered incentives for street trading through the creation of nonstationary outlets.

The governor of the city noted that Almaty is a city of business and private capital with a service structure of the economy. The share of state participation in the economy does not exceed 2.4%, the contribution of small and mediumsized businesses is 39.5%, that is, it is a sustainable economy that does not depend on oil.

A program has been launched to develop the economy of simple things, the government will support the production of consumer goods, as well as raw materials and primary products. Entrepreneurs are already receiving concessional loans with an annual rate of 8% for a period of 7 years. And the state allocated 600 billion tenge for this.

Simplified all procedures of interaction with the state. In Almaty, you can conduct business paperlessly open an enterprise via the Internet, issue invoices, conduct banking operations, file tax returns, agree on a construction permit, draft design, and conclude an agreement to connect to electricity.

According to the principle of one window, the Investment House is opened in the city where service support is provided to entrepreneurs. Since 2015, a lot of work has begun on the reconstruction of streets, today these places are in demand by tourists, residents and businesses.

The meeting was also addressed by the Chairman of the Board of NPP RK Atameken Ablay Myrzahmetov, noting that Almaty, as the financial center of the country, is the leader in the availability of financing. Thus, 7% of the total number of projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which were subsidized under the program CST2020, fall on Almaty.

A report on current activities was made by the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the city, Nariman Abilshaikov.

Representatives of the business community of Almaty shared their vision of further improvement of the business climate in various industries, namely, General Director of Meat Product Service LLP Bakhytzhan Abdrasilov, Director of Alina Group LLP Yerlik Balfanbayev, Director of EFKOAlmaty LLP Nurzhan Kozhamuratov, Regional Director IDC Andrey Beklemishev, as well as the executive director of the forum of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Munavara Paltasheva, director of Tornado Plus LLP Igor Protsenko, chairman of the boards of directors of Tanmedia group Armanzhan Baytasov and the others were represented the problems and proposals on market development, tourism development, the PPP mechanism, the tax preferences for ecommerce entities.


Almaty, as the country’s financial center, is a leader in the availability of financing. Thus, 7% of the total number of projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which were subsidized under the program CST2020, fall on Almaty. In general, there is an increase in the number of SMEs by 4.3%, the volume of manufacturing industry by 7.8%, retail trade turnover by 5.3%, wholesale trade turnover by 3.5%. At the moment, Almaty accounts for 46% of wholesale trade, 32% of retail trade, 20% of the country’s foreign trade turnover, 20% of Kazakhstan’s GDP.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City