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B. Baizhumanov: The number of coronavirus infections has decreased in Almaty region

by September 13, 2021 Health

Deputy akim of Almaty region Batyrzhan Baizhumanov told about the epidemiological situation in the region at a press conference in the Central Communications Service today. According to him, the number of coronavirus infections has decreased over the past 15 days. More in the material of the correspondent of

The number of infected people has decreased

Deputy akim of the region noted that the fight against coronavirus continues. According to him, over the past two weeks, the growth rate of coronavirus infections in the region decreased from 0.9% to 0.6%. Over the past day, 218 cases were revealed, including 35 children.

“The region is in the red zone. About 200 people are hospitalized with coronavirus infections every day. Today, the workload of the infectious diseases hospital is 55% (3360 people, with a total of 6080 beds), the workload of the intensive care unit is 19% (97 people), “said Batyrzhan Baizhumanov.

According to him, there are 6877 patients in outpatient treatment, these patients are served by 391 mobile teams. He also reminded the population of the region that there are 206 ambulance crews. Doctors of 4 coronavirus centers in the region also provide daily video surveillance to critically ill patients.

There are enough medicines and personal protective equipment

In addition, the deputy head of the region noted that since September 1 this year in 15 laboratories conducted 35 thousand PCR tests and identified 2654 cases of CVD. According to him, laboratories have the capacity to perform 11 thousand tests per day.

“Regional hospitals have a two-month supply of medicines and personal protective equipment. The stabilization fund of the region was created for 1.3 billion tenge, 56 items of medicines and medical devices were received in the warehouses of “INCAR” LLP. There is no shortage of medicines in the regional pharmacies, ”Batyrzhan Baizhumanov said.

82% of the population has been fully vaccinated

In addition, he noted that the region is actively working on the algorithm of vaccination of the population.

“244 points are open in each village, 71 mobile brigades and 17 mobile medical complexes operate. A total of 732 thousand doses of vaccine were administered. Component I covers 647 thousand people or 88.4% of the population. In addition, 515 thousand people or 82.3% were vaccinated with component II, “he said.

According to him, today the coverage of vaccination is 65% according to the plan.

“Vaccination has been completed in Balkhash (106%) and Aksu (103%) districts. However, in Panfilov (54%), Talgar (49%) and Karatal (47%) districts vaccination is slow. We will continue to work in this direction, “Baizhumanov Batyrzhan said.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050