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by October 18, 2019 Market

Azerbaijan celebrates Independence Day on October 18. Exactly 22 years ago, after the adoption of the Constitutional Act, Azerbaijan gained the long-awaited independence, refers to Azernews.

Azerbaijan twice had the opportunity to become a sovereign state during the 20th century.

The first secular democratic state in the Islamic world – Azerbaijan Democratic Republic – was established in 1918 and existed for only 23 months.

The second time such a situation emerged more than 70 years thereafter. The collapse of the Soviet Union provided Azerbaijan with an opportunity to restore the lost independence, the message reads.

After the enactment of the Constitutional Act, Azerbaijan held a nationwide vote on December 29, 1991. The ballot paper of the referendum included only one question: Do you support the Constitutional Act on the state Independence of Azerbaijan? Over 95 percent of voters took part in the referendum and unanimously voted for independence.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, which declared its independence, embarked on its existence in an extremely challenging historical situation. Its independence was recognized by Turkey (November 9, 1991), Romania (December 11, 1991), Pakistan (December 13, 1991), Sweden (December 23, 1991), Iran (December 25, 1991), the U.S. (January 23, 1992), Russia (April 10, 1992), etc.

Azerbaijan became a member of the United Nations on March 2, 1992 and the de facto recognition of Azerbaijan by the world community begins from that date.

In May 1992, the parliament approved the national anthem of Azerbaijan, and later the national flag as well as the coat-of-arms depicting an eight-pointed star with flames.

Azerbaijan’s political and economic mainstays are getting stronger year-on-year. The principles of state independence laid down in 1991 are faithfully protected and upheld. Great attention is paid to the development of the economy, comprehensive strengthening of the state, and the preservation of the national cultural values.

Azerbaijan is one of the highly developed countries from the political and economic point of view. By the rate of economic growth Azerbaijan has taken the lead not only in the region but also in the world.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050