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Auxiliary circulatory device presented in the CCS


In the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center, under the leadership of the Kazakh cardiac surgeon Yuri Py and a team of doctors from the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy and the United States, the world’s first device transplant surgery to support the heart on a wireless charging, reports.

The use of a fully implantable heart support system was a revolutionary breakthrough in the surgical treatment of chronic heart failure.

The system of the auxiliary device of the left ventricle of the heart is the safest for patients, allowing them to move freely, not burdened with external equipment – cables, which significantly reduces a number of complications and significantly improves the quality of life, said Yuri Pyya, Chairman of the Board of NNRC.

The Fully Implantable Device (FIVAD) is the world’s first assistive device that allows patients to live without a direct connection to an external power source. The device removes a number of other problems. The battery lasts for eight hours. At the time of charging the patient needs to wear a chest belt, all device data and heart indicators track the patient’s special hours. LeviticusCardioLtd., Inventor of wireless power technology for FIVAD, plans to expand its clinical use, reduce risks and improve the quality of end-stage heart failure treatment. Innovation can expand the scope of therapy and provide a technological alternative, almost equivalent to a heart transplant, which is limited by a shortage of donors.

Indeed, this is a unique success and achievement, a new milestone. This device to support the heart becomes forgotten, that is, we do not feel it. This technology is a unique breakthrough, it uses wireless heart power, which changes the quality of life of people. This we have not seen before. When we implant such devices – the biggest problem is that with wired devices there is a high level of infections. These infections are in the wire when a person leaves the skin, people are attached to a battery, they have to carry it everywhere with them in order to feed these devices. A new device completely changes the situation! When we have a long-term project and we see that these devices work for a long time, this will completely change the standard of living of patients, the doctor of medical sciences said

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan