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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Astrophysicists from Kazakhstan and USA develop cooperation

by March 14, 2017 Market

Kazakhstan’s astrophysicists plan to develop cooperation with University of California (USA), Kazcosmos reported.

Astana city14 March , 18:36

Dr. Bruce Grossan, a leading researcher at the Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory of University of California visited Almaty.

During the visit the guest visited the Astrophysical Institute named after V.G. Fessenkov, the National Center for Space Research and Technology, the Tien-Shan Astrophysical Observatory and the Assy-Turgen Observatory. The issues of scientific and technical cooperation with Kazakhstan’s astrophysicists were discussed, as well as the opportunities for integration of young Kazakhstan scientists into the international project groups studying key problems of modern astronomical science.

Kazcosmos noted that during the discussion much attention was paid to the urgency of the formation of the modern engineering and technical potential in the projects of Kazakhstani scientists. Today, astrophysical studies are carried out using sophisticated precessional mechanisms and recording instruments, and these technological systems must be provided with qualified scientific and technical support.

One of the most important strategic tasks of Kazakhstan’s science is the training and education of a new generation of scientists armed with modern scientific knowledge, freely oriented in the world scientific community and ready to work together in international scientific projects.

“Currently, thanks to cooperation with the world’s leading scientific centers and leading universities in the country, this possibility is also provided for young Kazakh astrophysicists”, the report reads.

The laboratory “NURIS Nazarbayev University” (Astana), with which the Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory develops a very fruitful cooperation, provides a great support for this.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050