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Astana opened EXPO history books exhibition

by January 4, 2017 Legal

The purpose of the exhibition – to reveal the rich history of independent Kazakhstan, to acquaint readers and visitors with the history of the EXPO, to tell about its preparation and holding.

As head of National Academic Library Dariga Daurenbekova noted, the exhibition presents more than two hundred sources of funds of the National Library and handouts from the Expo Center.

“The exhibition consists of four sections: “History of Expo”, “Astana EXPO-2017”, “Kazakhstan”, “Energy of the Future”. It will present more than 400 books, including three volumes of the book about the history of the World Exhibition “Londonnan Astanaga dey?n halykaralyk Korme Tarihi”, – said D. Daurenbekova.

She also noted that the exhibition will be held until the end of the completion of the exhibition EXPO-2017, and will be periodically updated and supplemented.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050