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Astana hosts the XXV Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan with participation of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev

by April 26, 2017 Market

The main theme of the current session is “Stability, unity, consensus: the basis of modernization”. More than 1500 people took part in the event.

Among them are members and veterans of the Assembly all regions, Chairmen of National and regional ethno-cultural associations, deputies of the Parliament, heads of central executive bodies, political parties, religious associations, NGOs, rector of universities, diplomatic missions of foreign countries, representatives of scientific, creative intellectuals and the media .

Opening the session, the Head of State noted that today’s Assembly is taking place at a special time.

We have entered the third decade of statehood and are holding this session in a difficult period. The current situation in the world now proves once again that peace and harmony in the country is a guarantee of stable development. Established in a difficult period, a union leading to prosperity, the Assembly successfully fulfills its sacred mission before our eyes, � Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan, addressing the participants of the session, noted that today the history of the Assembly is a chronicle of stability, friendship, peace and harmony.

The Assembly is a sacred cradle of unity, a unique model that consolidates the people of Kazakhstan. Our main goal is to enter the 30 most developed countries of the world by 2050 and raise the welfare of our people to such a level. Whatever the situation, we should strive forward, � the Head of State noted.

Then N. Nazarbayev told about the complex modernization carried out in the country.

You see for yourself how many crises we have overcome. Our economy always develops despite crises. This year our country has embarked on a comprehensive modernization of the triune of economic, political and spiritual development. Each of them is an important stage. The third modernization of Kazakhstan is the beginning of economic prosperity. I spoke about this in my Address. Constitutional reform, improving the system of Government is the foundation of political modernization. And the projects that laid the foundation for my article “Outlook on the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness” is the source of spiritual revival, � the President said.

As the President noted, spiritual development of society or the modernization of public consciousness is the most complicated of the three modernizations.

My Article Outlook on the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness is dedicated to this. This Article is not accidental. It broadcasts the integrity of our entire modernization of Kazakhstan. It is written for good reason. It is the result of reflection of many experts, � the Head of State noted.

Separately, the President dwelled on the main purpose of the Article.

What is the essence of this article? First of all, I wanted to designate the image of a Kazakhstani � how I want to see a future Kazakhstani. First, I considered that it was a creative personality, competitive in the global world. Secondly, he must know foreign languages, preferably English. He is a pragmatist and a realist, focused on achieving specific goals. Thirdly, it is a person who has strengthened national identity and abandoned everything that hinders the development of the nation. Fourthly, this person is at the peak of global knowledge, for which the cult of education is of paramount importance. Fifthly, it is a conscious citizen who clearly understands � only evolutionary development gives people a chance to prosper. Sixthly, it is a person with open mindedness, a multilingual intellectual who is ready for changes and perception of the best world experience, � the President said.

N. Nazarbayev expressed his confidence that the specially created National Commission for Public Consciousness Modernization, together with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, will work fruitfully in all areas indicated in the Program Article.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan defined a number of new tasks for the Assembly and state bodies.

Task number one. It is necessary to form a public consciousness that meets the challenges of systemic modernization. Everyone should be involved in this process � the state and civil society, education and the social sphere, private business and the media, � the Head of State instructed.

For the second task, N. Nazarbayev noted the need to strengthen civil identity and ensure unity and harmony. In this regard, the President of Kazakhstan gave a number of specific instructions.

I instruct the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society, together with regional Akims, to prepare a plan for the activity of the Public Consent Councils of the Assembly of all levels on countering religious extremism for 2017-2018. It is also necessary to regulate the work of the APK Public Consent Councils and develop clear criteria for their activities. In addition, I instruct the Government, Akimats and APK to submit proposals on developing charity, ensuring its transparency. The Akims of regions, Astana, and Almaty cities should strengthen the work directions of the APK � Councils of public consent, charity and mediation, � the Head of State said.

Also during the session N. Nazarbayev paid special attention to information work and instructed to create a multifunctional multimedia APK portal in 2018, and also an interactive historical map � The People of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State urged representatives of business, creative and scientific intellectuals to take part in the project Small Motherland and direct their efforts to support their fellow countrymen in towns and villages.

In addition, during the session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, two new Deputy Chairmen of the Assembly were appointed, who represent various ethno-cultural associations. These are �Chairman of the Public Consent Council of the Aktobe region Sergey Vishnyak, and member of the APK Council, Head of the National Association of Azerbaijanis of Kazakhstan Abilfas Khamidov.

Concluding its work, the XXV session of the Assembly adopted an appeal which notes that modernization of public consciousness is a natural and objectively necessary process that gives integrity to the whole development strategy of Kazakhstan.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan