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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Astana hosts the Kazakh-Slovenian business forum

by June 6, 2018 Health

Today, with the support of NC Kazakh Invest JSC, Astana is hosting the Kazakh-Slovenian business forum, which is attended by more than 60 representatives of business circles of the two countries.

Opening of the forum, Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi and President of the Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club Dejan Stancer gave a welcoming speech.

In his speech, Dejan Stancer emphasized that Slovenia is in the center of Europe and borders on Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. This means that Slovenia is a bridge between the North and the South, the West and the East and, importantly, it has access to the open sea. At the same time, Slovenia is a member of all the most important world organizations, including the OECD and the EEC.

Managing Director of Kazakh Invest Eric Yakubayev, in turn, spoke about the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan and urged Slovenian businessmen to consider investment projects in the regions of the Republic.

The forum was also addressed by Slovenian investor Seven Refractoris, CEO of AHA Hyperbarics (HBOT) Peter Kokalj.

The ceremony of registration and launch of the office of the Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club in Astana took place following the forum.

For reference: Bilateral trade turnover for the period January-October 2017 amounted to $ 97.2 million (exports – $ 25.2 million). Exports from Kazakhstan to Slovenia include cotton, iron and steel, phenol ketone, electrical equipment and components. There is the Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation (IGC). The 3rd IGC meeting was held on October 20-21, 2016 in Ljubljana.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan