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Astana Finance Days Forum united world financial giants


Astana Finance Days Financial Forum is taking place in NurSultan in the first four days of July (July 14). The solemn opening of the International Financial Center Court and International Arbitration Center Astana with participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym Zhomart Tokayev took place on the second day of this event. The Astana Finance Days Financial Forum is held for the second time, combining international experts, politicians, business representatives, government and research centers, international financial centers as well as representatives of companies registered at the Astana International Financial Center.

On the first day of the Forum, a practical seminar Getting trained to PreIPO was held at Astana International Campus. The workshop program includes accounting and auditing, corporate governance, financial management, IR, HR, etc. including guest lectures and practical master classes by global partners from leading financial institutions.

Fintech Summit, the founder of Motive Partners, Erez Shahar, the founder of Qumra Capital, the founder of Motive Partners, Ken Tene, CEO of Kene Partners, Joseph Ziegler. Moreover, the Visa World Initiative competition, the premiere of the Global Startup program, was held at Fitness Summit.

Official opening of the Astana International Court of Justice and International Arbitration Center is one of the main events of the financial forum. The opening was attended by the head of the NACC Kairat Kelimbetov, chairman of the International Arbitration Center of the ICAO, Barbara Domand, the Lord’s Court Chair Lord Wolf, and the Head of the Registrar and Apparatus of the AUCA, and Cameron CampbellHolt.

The President of Kazakhstan, Kasym Zhomart Tokayev, officially announced the opening of the Court Building and the Arbitration Center.

Today, Astana International Financial Center Court and International Arbitration Center have started their history in our country. They will work in a modern way based on global legislation. The history of the country’s judicial system begins in the fifteenth century, in the history of Kazakhstan there was a court of biys. This court will provide fair administration and will provide a perfect system of law. I am confident that the judges of the IAKI will make a fair decision. Hereby, I declare the building of the Almaty City Court open, said President KassymZhomart Tokayev.

He also noted that the Astana International Financial Center has done a lot of work during the year.

A year ago, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev, officially opened the NUCF, today we are opening the International Court of Justice, which is based on a legal framework that is based on the Court building and the confidence of investors around the world. Today’s world financial giants pay special attention to our International Financial Center the idea of the Head of State to create a financial center in the heart of our country. Astana International Financial Center is based on the experience of the leading global financial giants. That is why it should be the flagman of our region, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Chairwoman of the International Arbitration Center, Barbara Domanna, a royal lawyer, briefly told about the new project’s staff and what documents were signed.

We have created the most uptodate equipment in the center of our center, and we have our own devices and electronic devices for the administration of justice. And international arbitrators will work for the international arbitration center. They all speak many languages and work in different jurisdictions. We also work with major international arbitration institutions. We sign and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with them. There are currently about 200 contracts, and the International Arbitration Center has actually started its work today. We have considered 17 international arbitration centers to work and that our achievements are being realized by the investment and support of the people of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstani people, said Barbara Domenne.

Thereafter, a small video clip was screened about the IFAC and the International Judicial Arbitration Center, after which they discussed a number of themes, including the development of human capital on the basis of the knowledge management system, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the digitalization of education and pedagogical reforms in sustainable development.

Head of the Astana International Financial Center Kairat Kelimbetov noted that the work of the centers was quickly adapted to market demands.

Most of the most successful financial centers in the world operate under the jurisdiction of common law. It is rapidly adapting to market requirements and guarantees equity and neutrality to investors in making judgments. Thus, we will create the best financial platform in the region and unique investment climate, Kelimbetov said.

Tim Bennett, Chairman of the Astana International Financial Center Exchange, spoke about the results of Kazatomprom’s NPC’s first IPO in November 2018.

that the AIG is in demand by international issuers. It also demonstrated the ability to mobilize regional investment demand. This week we present a new global standard of custody custody, a program for lending and short sale of securities for market makers. Effective exchange of GDRs and shares, as well as direct contact with Euroclear. Most of these initiatives in the Central Asian region will contribute to the development of the most active capital market for business in Kazakhstan and the region, he said.

According to him, the Astana International Stock Exchange (AII) contributes to the development of the high capital market in the country and in the region.

For half a year from the IPO, the first company in Astana International Exchange (AHC, Astana International Exchange) has not only made a global investorfriendly infrastructure, but also launched multicurrency trading, diversified its product line with its stock investment funds, and invested in junior exploration companies has launched a new segment for attracting a number of deals with potential issuers in the One Strip, One Way segment, and also launched a mobile application for retail investors. The AX continues to develop a deep and liquid capital market in the country and region, Tim Bennett said.

The forum covered four areas: infrastructure finance, investment financing, innovative finance, Islamic finance.

As part of the 2nd Conference on Legal Issues of the IFAO, domestic lawyers will exchange experiences with the representatives of leading foreign law firms and institutions and will help them to work more smoothly.

The First International EdTech Forum, held within the days of Astana Finance days, brought together representatives of various industries to promote the development of human capital through a range of technologies, international professional certification, innovation, digitalization, inclusive approaches, STEM and other advanced techniques.

Also within the framework of AFD, companies will be organized PreIPO seminars aimed at increasing investment literacy and creating professional competence within the framework of preparation for companies to work on capital markets.

It’s worth noting that the International Financial Center Astana (Astana) was created under the National Plan of the 100 real steps towards the implementation of the Five Institutional Reforms initiated by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2015. The Center carries out its activity in accordance with the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 7, 2015 ? 438V On the International Financial Center Astana . The purpose of this center is to increase the inflow of foreign investments into Kazakhstan, focus on the nonprimary sector, the development of the domestic capital market, and personal expertise in promising financial sectors.

According to experts, the Astana International Financial Center (AIFCA) is the unique center of the world’s economic map that combines the best practices of financial centers in New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. This project fills them with special advantages, offering the best practices and technologies of international financial centers.

The Astana Finance Days2019 Forum, which takes place in the financial center, analyzes what has happened over the past decade and defines trends in the new road. Nur Sultan is a new concept in the world financial market. The Astana Finance Days multimilliondollar finance forum focuses on new issues and provides fresh ideas. It will also create regional and world financial markets. Astana Finance Days is an event that opens the door to world experts, politicians, business representatives, civil servants and researchers. On July 12, a regular meeting of the councils and a meeting of the heads of the main bodies of the People’s Democratic Party of Kazakhstan are taking place. The event also includes seminars and workshops, various events and exhibitions. On July 34, the IFA will hold its international forum, which includes four directions: Infrastructure Financing.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050