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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Astana and Chelyabinsk plan to open direct air flight


During the bilateral meeting, the sides discussed perspectives of cooperation between regions.

Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovski arrived in Astana with the aim to open days of Chelyabinsk region in the pavilion of the Russian Federation at the EXPO-2017, as well as to start the business-forum Business energy � development energy.

Relations and strategic partnership of our nations, our Heads of States are actively developing in all directions. And we, as well as Astana, want to develop relations with Russian regions to develop trade, tourism and practically in all directions. Therefore, the week of Chelyabinsk region at the EXPO, many conferences, round tables, meetings with business are held, mayor said during opening of days of Chelyabinsk region.

Within the meeting, the sides discussed priority directions of development of relations between the two regions. Among main ones are exchange of experience in the field of preparation and conduction of the summit the SCO and BRICS, including objects of city infrastructure. The heads have also discussed matters of introducing a smart city system in megalopolises of Kazakhstan and Russia. The matters on cooperation in the sphere of machine-building were also concerned. Chelyabinsk region proposed to import food products in Kazakhstan.

One of the priority matters of the conducted negotiations concerned the expanding of a logistic potential between the regions. In particularly, opening of a direct air flight Astana � Chelyabinsk and construction of Ural highway Ekaterinburg � Chelyabinsk to Astana.

To qualitatively implement discussed matters the Governor and Mayor agreed to create joint working groups with the aim to accomplish projects in practice.

We are marked to necessarily organize a direct air flight between Chelyabinsk and Astana. Now 2-3 flights a week. I certainly sure, that it will give a new trigger to the development of business and tourism relations. We have many to show our Kazakh friends. And you have many to show to residents of Chelyabinsk region. But it is very interesting to come here to familiarize with work of the EXPO-2017, Boris Dubrovski said about one of directions.

Besides, within the week of Chelyabinsk region conferences, business-forums, meetings between businessmen and negotiations were held. And tomorrow the International scientific and practical conference Future of alternative energy: realities and perspectives starts.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050