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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Astana akim supported the project of establishing an apple tree

by January 28, 2019 General

Mayor of the capital Bakhyt Sultanov has said that he is ready to launch an apple tree project, presented by Atyrau farmer Tamila Rozmetova, reports with reference to the official website of Astana city akimat. This was announced at a meeting of the Youth Council.

Bakhyt Sultanov noted at the meeting of the Youth Council that there are 12 parks and about 100 squares in the city.

“All this is a great experience for Astana residents and guests of the city. As you know, the number of tourists who want to go to Japan grows when the Sakura flower. My birthplace is Almaty. When the flowers, cherries, apples blossom together, it becomes very special and our mood improves. It would be a great gift for residents and guests of the city to create such a platform in Astana. That is why we agreed with pleasure. Responsible chapters were assigned to this task. Our Tamara Rozmetova made a great offer to the President. Not long ago, we have recently developed two or three versions of the project implementation. It’s a great start. We, for our part, will make this project a reality, and we will pay attention to its actual implementation and achievement. “

At the opening ceremony of the Youth Year, T.Rozmetova proposed to plant an apple tree in Astana. Modern drip irrigation system will be used. Four special varieties of apples such as Malawi, Fridom, Nadzev and Belarussian will be grown.

“We can get 20-25 tons of products per hectare. We have implemented this project in Atyrau weather conditions. And the weather in Atyrau and Astana is very similar. At present, we have an apple tree planting on 150 hectares. We have 400 tons of apples. This site was opened by Nursultan Abishevich in 2006 and he saw how our apple trees were growing and growing. We also want to use the technology used in this garden in Astana. We can change the size of the premises, and we are ready to grow in the area recommended by you “, – said T. Rozmetova.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan