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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Askar Shakirov, Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, visited the Karaganda region in the framework of deputies’ visits to the regions

by January 14, 2020 General

Askar Shakirov, Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Senators Ryskali Abdikerov and Sergey Ershov visited the Karaganda region as part of the deputies’ visits.

During a visit to the main facilities of ArcelorMittalTemirtau JSC, in particular, blast furnace No. 3 and sheet rolling shop No. 1, deputies of the upper house of Parliament became acquainted with the activities of the enterprise and working conditions of workers.

A substantive conversation took place with the enterprise management, representatives of the trade union organization, during which issues of ensuring labor safety, modernization of production capacities, strengthening the role of trade unions in promoting the interests of workers were discussed. Senate Vice-Speaker A. Shakirov noted that currently there is an insufficient role of trade union organizations in the fulfillment of the above tasks, including in ensuring legal protection of workers, in conducting a constructive dialogue with employers. Known concern is caused by the increased incidence of accidents and injuries at the enterprise, as well as a decrease in production volumes due to the faulty condition of the equipment.

Deputies of the Senate drew the attention of the enterprise’s management to the close relationship between the well-being of the population and the quality of the environment noted in the message of President K. Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan, and the need for the introduction of modern technologies in this regard to minimize harmful emissions.

In general, following the results of his visit to ArcelorMittalTemirtau JSC, the main priorities in his work were to bring the enterprise to a stable development path, improve production parameters and competitiveness, and take appropriate measures to normalize the environmental situation in Temirtau.

Deputies also visited the clinical base of Karaganda Medical University a multi-disciplinary hospital No. 1, where they got acquainted with the multidisciplinary system of providing medical services in a hospital setting, were interested in the level of staffing of clinical specialties in the whole region, and the technical equipment of multifunctional healthcare facilities.

The Chairperson of the Management Board of NAO Medical University of Karaganda R. Dosmagambetova acquainted the senators with the new educational programs of the university, as well as with projects for the modernization of pharmaceutical education and medical management.

During the meeting of deputies with the hospital staff and the faculty of the university, measures taken by the state to access citizens to receive specialized medical care were discussed, in particular, in accordance with the State Health Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020 2025. As you know, within the framework of state and strategic programs in the republic, a transition to a new format for the provision of medical services, the optimization of the functioning of healthcare organizations, and the improvement of medical education are being carried out.

An important place in the course of the meeting was occupied by a discussion of legislative short stories on the introduction of compulsory social health insurance, which entered into force on January 1, 2020. By the way, pilot testing of the OSMS system since September last year was carried out in medical organizations of the Karaganda region. The deputies were shown the results of this project.

The next object of the working visit was the Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after B. Beisenova. During the meeting with the leadership and the teaching staff of the educational institution, an exchange of views took place on the ongoing reform of the law enforcement system, according to which a Roadmap for the modernization of internal affairs bodies was adopted.

The meeting participants discussed priority issues in the context of the important task set by the Head of State to transform the police from a power tool of the state into a body to provide services to citizens to ensure their safety.

The head of the Academy A. Darmenov reported on innovations being introduced into practice-oriented curricula and special courses.

During the conversation, Senator A. Shakirov noted that the Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the important departmental systems for professional training. It is important to maintain the established authority and image of the university, including improving its activities taking into account the global challenges in the fight against crime, as well as modern trends in shaping the image of a policeman that inspires confidence of citizens.

The deputies in their speeches spoke about the introduction of important changes and additions on the improvement of criminal, criminal procedure legislation; strengthening the protection of individual rights; further humanizing and reducing the repressiveness of the criminal process and the penal system.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan