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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Askar Myrzakhmetov pays a working visit to Kyzylorda region

by May 13, 2017 Market

Today, on behalf of the Head of State, Deputy Prime Minister � Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov visited the Kyzylorda region.

The working trip began with visiting a family feed lot of the Miyaly meat-packing agricultural cooperative, which unties 54 private farms located in the Kozhakent rural district. This cooperative was created within the framework of the new AIC Program and financed through JSC Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture.

Further the Deputy Prime Minister chaired a meeting on issues of agricultural cooperation with participation of representatives of six regions of the Republic (Karaganda, West Kazakhstan, Aktobe, South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, and Zhambyl). During the meeting A. Myrzakhmetov noted that the basis of the Agro Industrial Complex Development State Program is the development of agricultural cooperation in the countryside.

In order to support agricultural cooperatives, the State took all necessary measures. For example, for the first time starting this year, under the new Program, unsecured loans are given to agricultural producers, provided they are pooled into cooperatives. If earlier second-tier banks did not accept the rural population’s estates as collateral, with the adoption of the new Program this problem becomes irrelevant.

The second important factor is the reduction in equipment’s cost up to 50%. For example, if a cooperative acquires equipment amounting to 5 million tenge, the State immediately returns 2.5 million tenge. As for the remaining 50%, it also has its own return mechanism – through subsidies. Thus, for every liter of milk to be handed over for processing, cooperatives will receive 10 tenge, for each head of cattle � 20 thousand tenge, for small cattle � 1500 tenge, and for feed � 20 thousand tenge per tonne.

Another good news for the villagers is that under the productive employment program, emergent entrepreneurs will be able to receive up to 85% of a microloan through JSC KazAgroGarant. It should be noted that JSC KazAgroGarant guarantees are granted for loans issued through microfinance organizations and credit partnerships.

Thus, for the first time, on the instructions of the Head of State, a Program was created which will give impetus to the rise of rural community; make the agro-industrial complex a new driver of the economy.

The rural population is active, ready for unification, all conditions have been created, a mechanism for subsidizing has been developed, funds have been allocated in the amount of 50 billion tenge, and specific indicators have been identified. What remains is for the local executive bodies to coordinate and implement this task, � the Deputy Prime Minister said.

These measures will allow more than 500 000 smallholders and small farmers to unite in agricultural cooperatives. It should be noted that to date, 223 cooperatives have already been established, with the plan to create 467 cooperatives by the end of the year.

This, in turn, will increase the loading of processing enterprises by an average of 30% and reduce the trade margin between the producer and the consumer, and in addition solve the issues of employment, migration, etc.

Also the Minister of Agriculture discussed with the farmers the issues of the region’s water supply, inspected the inflatable dam in Shiely district, commissioned last autumn. It should be noted that within the Program it is planned to restore irrigation systems of continuous-flow irrigation lands on an area of 610 thousand hectares, flood irrigation lands with a total area of 368 thousand hectares. In addition, A. Myrzakhmetov took part in the work of the III regional meeting of cattle breeders “Usen baui”.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan