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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Askar Mamin inspects implementation of infrastructure projects in Mangistau and North-Kazakhstan regions

by May 28, 2018 Health

The project of the Beineu-Akzhigit road of the second category has the length of 85 km, begins in the village of Beineu and runs to the border with Uzbekistan.

A. Mamin noted the significance of the road Beineu-Akzhigit as an infrastructure facility of regional importance.

“This project will contribute to the formation of a transit road flow from the countries of Central Asia through the seaports of Aktau and Kuryk towards the Caucasus, Turkey and Europe,” A. Mamin said and set the task of “quality construction of the road, completing it into the planned terms.”

The First Vice Prime Minister also inspected the construction of the facilities of the second stage of the ferry complex in the port of Kuryk.

A.Mamin was informed about the construction of the Eastern and Western breakwaters, onshore hydraulic structures of the second phase of the port development, and the Customs Clearance Zone. They also informed about the implementation of measures for commissioning the ferry complex and reconstruction of the Kuryk � Port of Kuryk highway.

At present, the second complex (automotive component) has been launched in a test mode. Since the start of the project, 476 ship calls have been made, 2,110,000 tons of cargo have been handled, including 156 ship calls this year, over 634 thousand tons of cargo handled.

In 2018, the total volume of transshipment of Kazakhstan port infrastructure in the Caspian Sea will be more than 9 million tons. In the first quarter of this year, more than 2 million 450 thousand tons of cargo were shipped, which is 52% higher than the same period last year (1 million 602 thousand tons).

On the same day, the First Vice-Premier paid a working visit to the North-Kazakhstan region in preparation for the XV Forum of Interregional Cooperation.

Mamin visited the international airport of Petropavlovsk to familiarize himself with the modernization of the terminal and the capital repair of the Drive to the Airport highway.

The First Deputy Prime Minister also got acquainted with the progress of the reconstruction of the overpass � the object on the road section Petropavlovsk � the border of the Russian Federation (to Kurgan), erected under the Nurly Zhol program.

In the region, A. Mamin got acquainted with the construction of the Palace of Schoolchildren, the new Zhas Orken microdistrict, Hilton shopping and hotel complex, Kyzylzhar hotel. All objects will be commissioned in September 2018.

A. Mamin summarized the results of the survey of objects and set the tasks for holding the XV Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia in Petropavlovsk at a high organizational level.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan