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Askar Mamin gets acquainted with progress in solving problems of citizens living in capital’s outskirts


In the course of the detour to some residential areas, measures taken by local executive bodies to fulfill the tasks set by the Head of State � improving the quality of life of citizens, were considered. In particular, attention was paid to the solution of housing issues, the quality of educational and medical services, the improvement of social and transport infrastructure, the uninterrupted power supply and street lighting, as well as water supply coverage.

During the inspection of the Prigorodniy residential complex, Astana Akim Bakhyt Sultanov reported on the implementation of the Comprehensive Development Plan of the Capital 2023. The construction of light rail transport, which will connect certain areas of the city with the center, and also allow passengers to get to their destinations as soon as possible. Reporting on the progress of the demolition of the summer house areas, it was noted that these measures would expand the construction of municipal housing, including the provision of housing to large families and families in need.

The detour continued on the central city highway Kabanbay batyr, where prospects for the expansion of the avenue were discussed.

Mamin also got acquainted with the development of living conditions of citizens living on the border of Astana and Akmola region. Medical outpatient clinics and school No. 6 were visited in the Ilyinka residential area, where the Prime Minister examined the quality of the education and health systems in the capital regions.

Akim of the Akmola region Malik Murzalin reported on the transfer of the village of Karaotkel to the balance of Astana, the implementation of the Comprehensive Social and Economic Development Plan for the Tselinograd district and the development of the village of Koyandy. The construction of a dam in order to protect the population from flooding and supply engineering networks to individual housing, located east of the Ilyinka village was also disceuued.

One of the major ongoing projects is the construction of the South-West Bypass of Astana trunk road, which will close the road ring around the city. This will provide an opportunity to direct the flow of vehicles traveling in transit through the city, bypassing the capital. According to the information of KazAvtozhol JSC, the bypass road will be a free highway.

In addition, the Ond?r?s housing area in the Baykonyr district was visited, in particular, a kindergarten and the elementary school No. 12 where 120 children study were inspected. The Prime Minister was informed about the current state of education. At the same time, issues of infrastructure development in the region as a whole were discussed, including prospects for the development of road and transport infrastructure, expansion of a number of streets, and coverage of engineering and communication networks.

At the end of the detour to the capital’s suburbs, Mamin familiarized himself with the progress in solving the issues in the village of Koyandy. A family health center for 2,500 people operates in the village in order to provide high-quality medical services. At the same time, to increase the accessibility of education, a high school is being built. The project will allow to train about 1,200 schoolchildren.

According to the results of the working visit, the Prime Minister Askar Mamin gave a number of specific instructions to akims of Astana, Akmola region and relevant ministries.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan