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Zhambyl railwaymen met with People’s Artist of the USSR and Kazakhstan, honored art worker, theater and cinema director, Tarlan, laureate of “Kazakhstan Yenbek Yeri” award Asanali Ashimov.

The famous actor spoke about his creative way and recalled how the shooting of the “Transplant Express” movie took place. Historical squares were shot at KaratauZhanatas railway line. Asanali Ashimov played the role of Shadiyarov.

The film tells the story of what happened in 1927. A large Japanese entrepreneur went to Moscow to negotiate with the government of the Transcaucasian Express.

The largest Japanese entrepreneur has reached Moscow with Transsibe Express to negotiate with the country’s government. The Sovietera checkers prevented the foreign intelligence from implementing plans to kill a businessman.

The trainers prepared a thematic stand on the activity of the Kazakh Cinematographic Corps. The guest was recently introduced to the railway museum, which was opened in the department and regularly filled with exposition.

The actor was born in the small village of Jaymma, Sarysu district, the honorable citizen of Zhambyl region.

“Asanali Ashimov has made many roles, has received the highest state awards and is welldeserved. Our railwaymen are very glad to meet with a legendary man. His speeches were heard with great enthusiasm about the shooting of Transsident Expressions, “said Berik Akchalov, head of the Zhambyl branch.

At the end of the meeting, Asanali Ashimov thanked his fellow countrymen for their generosity and warm greetings. The railroad workers had a robe closed by the tradition of the father.

Source: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy