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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Armed Forces of Kazakhstan continue exercises on combat readiness


To date, tactical drill exercises are continued as part of the troops (batteries, flights), battalions (divisions, squadron, ships of the 3rd rank), brigades, regiments, bases, regional commands, combat arms, types of the Armed Forces for bringing to the highest degrees of combat readiness. The military units hold exercises to fulfill the functional duties while bringing the combat readiness to the highest levels, organizing the work of the control group, interaction with the headquarters of the units and components of the local military command and control bodies and units of territorial defense.

“Also during the tactical and combat exercises, the training on the loading of missiles, ammunition and material and technical means, the preparation of ships for entering the dispersal areas and the aviation commandant’s offices for the reception of aviation equipment was organized, exit of divisions to areas of formation of company columns and expansion of mobile points of managements is carried out, in all governing bodies joint staff trainings on comprehensive providing, preparation of reserves, on completing of group and financial security of troops are held”, the Ministry of Defense reported.

All flights of the administration hold radio trainings in the “battalion-brigade-regional command-troop-forces” section of the Armed Forces. In the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Species, the troops of the regional commands and the branches of the armed forces conducted joint staff training to develop the solution in accordance with the operational assignment.

All during the summer training period in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan it is scheduled to hold more than 60 activities for operational training, including international. During the summer training period, priority will be the qualitative improvement of the level of combat training of troops and personnel of the military units and connections of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050