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Archive of the President is 25 years old

by January 14, 2019 Medical

Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 25 years old. This archive, created on January 14, 1994 by the decree of the Head of State, speaks about the 100-year history of the Kazakh people.

At present there are 1 thousand 138 funds, of which 3,200,200 inventories. 11 thousand 500 audiovisual archival materials and more than 1500 electronic documents describing the political history of the country from 1918 to 1998. Documents of the independent Kazakhstan are the history of the country and valuable materials that determine the independence of the Republic, including the adoption of the state sovereignty of Kazakhstan in the archives, the President’s speech at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the adoption of the President’s oath on December 10, 1991 and other documents. Also, the Constitution, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the adoption of the State Symbols, the introduction of the national currency, the establishment of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and other important documents are collected.

“We have started to create an electronic archive for the purpose of promoting our readership and then expanding our accessibility.” Nowadays, researchers can work exclusively through our readership room, through the Internet, to work with our own home PCs As part of these works, more than 106,000 data and historical documents are now available in our electronic database, “- said the Head of the Presidential Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kairat A�limgazA�nov be achieved.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan