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Application of the Criminal Offenses Map allowed to minimize crime in public places – GPO RK


Baglan Bekbauov informed that in many countries of the world criminal statistics is already reflected on the map. Exactly in such form this information is easily perceived and it is possible to quickly obtain the necessary information, to compare cities or regions by the level of security.

“In December 2016, the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan created this map, which shows the regional and district centers of our country. Anyone can go to the portal of the committee and get all the necessary information,” said Baglan Bekbauov.

The uniqueness of the Map is that it is integrated with the database of the Single Register of Pre-trial Investigations, and thanks to this, information about criminal offenses automatically appears on the Map immediately after registering the application with the police.

“We can see the place, time and type of crime. Also, the dynamics of the region’s crime is displayed. People can find out how criminal the district is, compare districts, streets or houses with each other. That is, knowing how many crimes are committed in their house, yard or district, indifferent citizens will demand from the district inspector to ensure order, from the apartment owners’ cooperative – the installation of video surveillance cameras, intercoms or outdoor lighting in certain dark places,” the Deputy Chairman added.

Also Baglan Bekbauov noted that in order to increase the effectiveness of the police, the local police service uses the Map to compile or correct patrol routes. During this time, about 3,000 such adjustments were made. This mechanism, combined with other measures, made it possible to minimize crime in public places.

“The map of criminal offenses is useful for business. On it you can decide where it is safer to open your store or rent an office. Here, on the map, you can apply to the police and other bodies for taking appropriate measures,” Baglan Bekbauov added.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan