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The Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Migration of Kyrgyzstan hosted a presentation of a mobile application MyPlan. Support and assistance for women victims of violence, the ministry said Thursday.

Deputy Labor Minister Zhanyl Alybaeva said that an important aspect of overcoming domestic violence is to improve living standards.

“Since last year, our country has taken unprecedented measures to eradicate poverty. Benefits for various categories of citizens have been increased by 150-200%, electricity tariffs for poor families have been reduced, and the salaries of employees providing key public services in social welfare, education, health, and culture have been doubled,” she noted.

The deputy minister noted that digitalization is now becoming one of the main mechanisms for protecting families and children, and the mobile app developed to increase access to self-safety planning tools for women is intended to be another important measure towards a society free of family violence.

Author of the project, Arizona State University professor Jill Theresa Messing noted that work on the app has been going on for a year.

“We worked with women from the crisis center and were able to adapt the app to Kyrgyzstan. It is available for free in Kyrgyz and Russian. The app is a map, it contains the main laws, contacts, procedures for obtaining documents, benefits, alimony, protection order. That is, the whole set of tools to help women who suffered from violence.

Meanwhile, the app will be useful for any young family, especially in rural areas, for any person who has suffered from violence. It gathers the functions of local authorities, police, the State Registration Service. We must understand that there is no universal way to counteract violence, but we can give people a tool to prevent it,” the author of the project added.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

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