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Apartment Owners’ Cooperative: How to check quality of work and how common funds spent


A representative of the Akimat of the Essil district of NurSultan, Yernar Kiyabayev, in an exclusive interview with, said how to check the quality of cooperatives’ work and how the money of the residents is spent.

� Yernar Kassymovich, how is the cost of services determined? What do consumers pay for? Do cooperatives regulate the electricity charges for common housing needs?

� The operating expenses tariff is approved at the meeting of the owners of the premises and apartments. A preliminary cost estimate is prepared in accordance with the calculation method approved by the Governmental Decree. The estimate takes into account the ce, complexity and other parameters of the house. When a decision is made by a majority of votes to approve this tariff, it is made only based on the general meeting’s protocol.

� How are these funds spent?

� The main expenses go to the maintenance of engineering networks, parts of the common property, its repair.

Today, there is a decision of Maslikhat Rules for the Provision of Public Utilities for the City of NurSultan, where Paragraph 4 specifically states that if the residents delegate the rights to pay for the common housing needs to the cooperative, then the cooperative should pay for it. If the residents did not delegate the right by protocol decision, then Astanaenergosbyt issues them invoice data directly, that is, individually for each.

� How to check the quality of services provided by the cooperative?

� The Department for Control and Quality of the Urban Environment receives complaints that substandard services are rendered, cleaning is not done in time, and routine inspections are not carried out. These are the main activities that the cooperatives should perform. There is a concept called Management Body of the Condominium, which, by decision of the general meeting, should conclude agreements with service companies. That is, the rules for the maintenance of the common property of a condominium provides for the conclusion of an agreement with the service organizations of the management body. There are 10 types of work. The main ones are a routine inspection of the technical condition of the structures and engineering equipment of the condominium facilities, disinfection, elimination of accidents, current repairs, major repairs, etc.

� Where to go if the cooperative does not work well? Where to complain? Is there a registry, so to say, of “unscrupulous cooperatives”?

� To the akimat, address the akim or directly to the Office of Control and Quality of the Urban Environment of NurSultan (note � a similar quality control system works in all regions and cities of republican significance).

To date, since March 2018, the functions of the housing inspection have been transferred to the Office of Control and Quality of the Urban Environment of the city of NurSultan, which exercises state control in the maintenance of housing stock. There is a list of checklist questions, according to which we check the cooperatives. This includes the failure to submit a quarterly report, the absence of a current savings account for each condominium facility, the compliance of protocols, the cost estimates for the maintenance of common property, and the registration of condominium facilities. There are some 13 questions. If we are contacted, we check them.

In late 2018, the Department carried out an audit of all service organizations. Today in NurSultan there are 286 service organizations that serve 2,069 houses. According to the results of this check, it is noticeable that the number of incoming calls is decreasing. The cooperatives understand that it is necessary to work and show their work.

According to the 2018 results, materials on 27 cooperatives, which did not fulfill the instructions issued by us, were sent to the court. In court, they were imposed an administrative fine for 100 monthly calculation indexes, obliged them to fulfill the issued order. Additionally, akims of Almaty, Baikonur, Esil and Saryarka districts maintain a rating of cooperatives.

� Is the quality control system automated?

� Last year, 100% was connected to the ecooperatives system, which in turn requires quarterly reports. There is no questions already. Residents can visit the site and see where the money is spent. It gives tranrency.

Currently, the second stage of the system’s implementation is in progress. Now the work is being done with the residents of the houses through notifications in the media, through the Akimat Internet resources.

In addition, the draft law Amendment of the Law on Housing Relations was introduced. It provides up to electronic voting. The ministry is considering an eShanyrak project in the republic. But we think the ecooperatives system will be integrated with the eShanyrak project.

� Thanks for the interview!

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan