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Anti-corruption issues discussed in Ministry of Health

by April 7, 2017 General

At present, the Ministry has developed an Action plan for combating corruption, which will be discussed at the board and taking into account the proposals of its members will be approved.

“The analysis of the work of the health organizations showed that the ongoing anti-corruption work on the ground is not effective enough. In this regard, we need to improve the legal literacy of the health workers, identify and eradicate corruption risks in normative legal acts and procedures, conduct work on recruitment and placement of personnel, etc.” Bolat Tokejzhnov, an Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan noted.

The work plan outlines a wide range of measures for preventing and combating corruption in the health care system, such as: raising the legal literacy and anti-corruption culture of public servants, heads of medical organizations and public sector employees; taking measures to increase the transparency of public procurement, their maximum automation, etc.

Concluding the meeting, Ye. Birtanov emphasized that the Ministry has taken a course to increase the effectiveness of anti-corruption policy, while preventive work aimed at eliminating the causes and conditions that contribute to corruption manifestations will become a priority.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050