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Friday, January 28th, 2022

Another film sounded in the Kazakh language attracted the audience

by November 25, 2021 Fun

A preliminary screening of the Kazakh-language animated film “Encanto” took place in the capital on November 24. This is the 38th production of Hollywood, which was translated into the state language and sounded in the framework of the project “Start with yourself”. From January, with the support of the government, 15 world-class films will be released annually in the native language. More in the material of the correspondent of

Honorary member of the Board of Trustees of the Bolashak Foundation, First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan Party Baurzhan Baibek, who took part in the preliminary screening of the animated film, translated into Kazakh, noted that graduates of the Bolashak program, initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, contribute to the development of quality Kazakh content. passed. According to him, today not only Kazakhstanis in the country, but all over the world have the opportunity to watch world-class cartoons with high quality Kazakh sound.

“We were recently congratulated by Disney Company. We can say that our state language has reached the world level. For example, the Kazakh language became the 7th language of Sony. It was also the 39th official language of the Hollywood company Disney. Our compatriots from all over the world have the opportunity to see blockbusters in the Kazakh language. “Graduates of the Bolashak program, created on the initiative of our first president, are doing such a good job,” said the first deputy chairman of the party.

He noted that the election program of the “Nur Otan” party includes such important issues as the promotion of language, culture, spirituality, family values. In this regard, according to him, if the relevant bill is adopted next year, the state will annually sound 15 world-class films.

“Our goal is to provide the public with quality content in the Kazakh language. During this work, more than 200 specialists, including creative and technical groups, were trained and trained. Today, 100 actors are dubbed by Disney. In general, we have created conditions for high-quality sound in the Kazakh language. Now our TV channels are ready to create quality content in the Kazakh language, “Baurzhan Baibek added.

Dinara Shaizhunusova, Chairwoman of the Bolashak Corporate Foundation’s Board of Trustees, said she was pleased that on the eve of Kazakhstan’s independence, the Kazakh government would pay more attention to Kazakh-language content and start broadcasting in the mother tongue at the state level.

“We are pleased that on behalf of the state the Government of Kazakhstan has undertaken to provide equal access to cinemas and content in the Kazakh language on behalf of the state, and from next year dubbing of films into the Kazakh language will be supported by the state,” he said.

He also noted that the 10th anniversary of the Bolashak Foundation and the dubbing project “Start with yourself” is a great achievement. .

“Thanks to business and sponsorship, we have been providing equal access to Kazakh-language movies in cinemas for the citizens of Kazakhstan for 10 years. In recent years and to this day, we are actively working to make the project part of the national policy to create quality multimedia content in the state language for children and adults, “added Dinara Shaizhunusova.

The singer, Zharkynai Khanayim, who voiced Isabella in the cartoon, also said that she was glad that the younger generation had the opportunity to see global films in their native language. According to him, these cartoons are important in the upbringing of children.

“I am very happy to be a part of such a world-class project. Previously, I joined only when I was singing. For the first time, the voice of a character and the sound of a song are commanded. It is a great pleasure to be a member of such a project, which has such an educational value, respect for the elders, assures that the best will win, that there are some wonderful things in the world, “said Zharkynay with a smile.

He said that he would teach young people to be brave and make quick and courageous decisions in difficult moments.

“The name of the character I voiced is Isabella. He is very gentle, polite, but at times looks naughty, but courageous. Behavior varies depending on the situation. Demonstrating this required a great deal of skill. This character is close to my nature. It was as if I saw myself in it. She can be both gentle and courageous when needed. I have the same qualities, ”he said.

It’s worth noting that the project “Start with yourself” for dubbing films into Kazakh has been running since 2011. The presence of films dubbed into the Kazakh language on international streaming platforms, cooperation with the giants of the world film industry has brought the Kazakh language to the international level and has a positive impact on the recognition of the Kazakh language abroad.

According to the organizers, thanks to this project, more than 100 Kazakhstani actors entered the voting database of Disney. And the Kazakh language has become one of the 7 main languages ​​of Hollywood movies available on Blu-Ray for Eastern Europe and the CIS. Beautiful soundtracks in the Kazakh language have been published on iTunes, Youtube, VK, Yandex, Apple Music and Voom. 203 creative and technical specialists in the field of dubbing had the opportunity to work with world studios.

It should be noted that the new musical fantasy film “Encanto” is the 60th film of the Disney studio, directed by talented directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush. “City of Beasts”, “Volt”, “Iceland 2” and others. Famous animated films such as The soundtracks of the film were written by the authors of the wonderful songs from the popular films “Moana” and “The Secret of Coco”.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050