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Ancient rite: “Uikyashar” – awakening from dream

by March 22, 2017 Fun

“This day the Kazakh ceremonies, which had been transferred since ancient times, played an important role. Our national traditions prove that Nauryz, Nauryz-kozhe, rites played the important role in the life of our people”, – A. Bikenov declaimed.

As he emphasized, Nauryz-kozhe is one of the main meals of this holiday. The composition of the meal included 7 components: water, milk, cereals, meat, salt, fat and flour.

“Nauryz-kozhe is a symbolic dish of the holiday”, – the historian noted.

He also said that Nauryz comes on March 14.

“Nauryz comes on March 14, according to an old calendar it is on March 1. Each region celebrated Nauryz and received blessings from Kydyr-ata, and this rite lasted for the whole month, but vernal equinox comes from 21 to March 22. The Kazakhs believed that New Year begins on March 21 at 3 am, as this is an important cycle of the rite of this event”, – A. Bikenov informed.

According to the historian, during the celebration of Nauryz there were different rites, which are now forgotten, one of them is the ancient rite “Uikyashar”. On this day young people were given the right to be bold in manifestations of their affection. They gave the girls gifts in a set called “selt etkizer”, where a mirror symbolized the youth, a comb � a symbol of beauty, and perfume � the symbol of bliss. The girls, in turn, invited young people, where laughter, jokes completely removed fatigue and shook off their slumber (uiky – slumber, ashar � shook off).

“This day young people gave girls gifts in the form of mirrors, combs and other things. Girls as an answer invited young people to “Uikyashar” – awakening from a dream. They played different games. We forgot these ceremonies now. Nauryz has to be not only ethnographic, but also national, where ceremonies inherent in the given holiday should be remembered and performed”, – A. Bikenov concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050