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Amount of retail trade increased in Aktobe rgn

by June 20, 2017 General

During the period from January to May, 2017, the amount of retail trade was 174 954,4 million tenge in Aktobe region and increased by 0,8% comparing to the period January to May, 2016.

Along with this, according to the estimate the average nominal incomes of the population were 68 947 tenge in the fourth quarter, 2016. The experts assured that increase was 10,1% in nominals and 0,27% in real incomes.

Besides, it should be mentioned that region’s turnover for mutual trade was 376 423 thousand dollars during January to April, 2017 and increased by 66,5 comparing to the corresponding period of last year, including the export � 175 495,2 thousand dollars (by 60,9% more), import � 200 927,8 thousand (by 71,7% more)

Speaking about the investments in the region, the number of investments to the main capital from the beginning of the year comprised 104957,6 million tenge, which is by 25% more than in the same period of the past year.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050