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Altai international symposium kicks off in Bishkek


Prominent figures from several countries arrived in Bishkek to participate in the international symposium of the Altai peoples.

Candidate of historical sciences Kyias Moldokasymov told Kabar that, representatives of 15 countries expressed their desire to participate in the forum, including Turkey, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea and others.

Today’s event unites peoples with a common history, he said. The symposium will be held for five days, from tomorrow it will be in IssykKul, in CholponAta town.

He added that the main topic for discussion will be Livestock.

Guest from Turkey Ilkhan ???ahin said that the symposium was first held in Turkey in 2007. It takes place every two years. This time over 200 people take part in it.

I am a historian, he said. I worked in Kyrgyzstan for 10 years. I lived in remote areas of the country, in yurts. As a result of my stay, I wrote a book about nomads, which I published in Japan.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency