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Almost 70% have successfully passed the first “winter” UNT

by January 23, 2019 Market

The results of the first stage of the Unified National Testing were summed up.

From January 18 to January 20, the first winter UNT passed in the country, in which 34,687 people participated. Test persons with disabilities – 9. Overcome the threshold level – 24,012 people. (69%), not overcome – 10 675 people. (31%).

Testing was conducted at the 74th UNT holding points. According to the director of the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Ramazan Alimkulov, 35,838 people submitted applications, of which 25615 people – for delivery in the Kazakh language, 10 162 people – in Russian and 61 people – in English.

In 118 people, unfortunately, the results were canceled. Two of them are dummy faces, that is, completely different faces have come in instead of someone. 116 persons who have grossly violated the rules of testing, this is the use of mobile phones, – said R. Alimkulov in the Central Communications Service. By categories of participants: 29 789 people. – 11 (12) grade students, 3,268 people. – conditionally credited, 2,781 people. – translators from creative specialties to others.

According to the combinations of specialized subjects: the combination Mathematics-Physics was chosen by 8,430 applicants (28.8%), Chemistry-Biology – 5,839 (19.9%). This confirms that graduates correctly understand the social initiative of the Head of State to increase state grants primarily for technical specialties by an additional 20 thousand.

Eight applications were submitted to the Republican Appeal Commission on the content of the tests, three of them satisfied. For comparison: last year, 243 applications were received on the content of test tasks, of which 101 were satisfied. At the same time, only 21 test questions from the satisfied ones are an incorrectly composed task, the remaining 56 are the correct answer, which does not coincide with the code of the correct answers, etc. Given that the base NTC MES RK has more than 120 thousand test tasks, test tasks, which was approved by the appeal commission, is only 0.4% of the total.

In order to improve the conditions for the test, all graduates, along with the certificate, are given information sheets showing the list of educational programs for which they can apply; the number of grants allocated in the current year; the results of the competition for past years grant and semi-pass points of last year; given to graduates the possibility of passing the UNT in the next stream in case of absence for valid reasons; children with special educational needs are provided with individual assistants and sign language interpreters; holders of the Altyn Belgi signs have a preferential right with equal points.

Recall that participation in the January, March and August UNT gives the applicant the right to enroll in universities only in the paid department. If the applicant wants to receive a state grant, then he must pass the June UNT, and only after it he can participate in the competition for a grant. It is worth noting that not a single tiyn of state money is spent on holding additional UNT.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan