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Almaty youth expressed support for renaming the capital


In Almaty, in front of the Palace of the Republic, the thousands concert Salem, Nur-Sultan! Grow, Nur-Sultan! In support of the renaming of the capital, which was attended by athletes Kanat Islam and Islam Bayramukov, the stars of the national stage Kamshat Zholdybayeva, Kental, Luin, Ringo groups, Asia, Baqai, etc.

In their speeches, young Almaty residents noted the historic role of Elbasy and supported the renaming of the capital, the ideological inspirer, whose architect and builder is the First President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev.

I am grateful to the fate that I can do my favorite thing, create and create, in prosperous Kazakhstan. Today we are witnessing historical events. Our capital received the name of its founder, Nur-Sultan! This is a tribute to the nation for its services to the Motherland, to the descendants. This city has become the heart of our Motherland, a symbol of independence, our pride, stressed the representative of the youth wing of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Dilyaram Abdimitova.

Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, Honored Master of Sports of Kazakhstan Kanat Islam noted the special role of the First President in the international arena.

I grew up outside of Kazakhstan, and who, like me, a Kazakh who watched and was proud from afar from Kazakhstan, did not know the meaning of the words Independence and Motherland . I still remember that exciting historical moment when my heart was breaking with happiness, hearing the news about the independence of our country. One of the most important tasks of Elbasy was the embodiment of the hopes of the Kazakhs living abroad. Addressing the Kazakhs of the whole world, Nursultan Nazarbayev expressed the most cherished words that we should return to our native land, that the hospitable embraces of our brothers await us. Despite the fact that I was engaged in sports since childhood and having reached high pedestals in China, I never forgot about the return of my ancestors to the holy land and decided to return to Kazakhstan, a country of freedom and independence. It was a solid decision of mine. Forever, noted Kanat Islam.

In addition, the athlete stressed that in Kazakhstan today there are all conditions for sports and, of course, boxing, thanks to which Kanat Islam was able to visit dozens of countries around the world.

Wherever I am, every foreigner who recognizes a Kazakhstani citizen, first of all spoke words of gratitude to our President Nursultan Nazarbayev. At that moment, my chest was bursting with pride for being a Kazakh, everyone is admiring our President. The head of state has built a new city – a beautiful and unique capital, a symbol of harmony and celebration, and the name of this city is Nur-Sultan, he stressed.

Our capital is the brainchild of Elbasy! Traveling around the world during sports competitions, I saw with my own eyes, as my brother Kanat Islam said: “Kazakhstan – Astana – Nursultan” is one concept for foreigners. Therefore, I consider this decision a good and timely decision, added the Olympic silver medalist, Honored Master of Sports of the country Islam Bayramukov.

According to Aysulu Yerniyazova, the leader of the Almaty Volunteer League, more than 5 thousand young people from all universities of the city took part in the concert organized by the G-38 student government.

I am proud that our generation was lucky to study and work in the era of the First President. We have not once met in the city of our dreams – the capital of our country. We will continue this tradition in our capital Nur-Sultan! , said Aisulu Yerniyazova from the stage.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City