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by October 4, 2019 Legal

The draft law “On the status of teachers” was created to raise the status of teachers in the country. Aiman Dyusenbaeva, Head of Preschool and Secondary Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said at the roundtable on “The Address of Tokayev to the People of Kazakhstan: Aspect of Improving the Social Role of Teachers”.

This law has been put on a meeting. At present, this law is being considered by the deputies. The bill highlights the social status of the teacher. That is, adding a wage from 30 to 50 percent in case of salary increases, attestation for qualification testing. To date, more than 123,000 teachers have been charged for this amount. In addition, administrative penalties may be imposed if a person is dishonested by the teacher and harms his / her conscience. Currently, the amount of penalties is being considered. It should be calculated from 20 to 120 “, he said.

Besides, Ayman Dyusenbayeva noted that all employees working in the field of education will now be considered as teachers.

“From now on, all employees in the field of education are regarded as teachers. Their vacation has grown from 42 to 56 days. For example, if the teachers have been resting for 56 days, after the law comes into force, kindergarten teachers, additional education organizations, teachers of methodical offices will be on vacation for 56 days. ” – noted in the message.

She also spoke about the work that is being done today to improve the social standing of teachers and to raise the prestige.

“We have a contest” Best Teacher “annually. For the past 8 years, 432 teachers, who were chosen the best in the contest, were selected and paid cash in the amount of 2 million 500 thousand tenge. This year, 64 people were awarded with such awards. In addition, one of our teachers has received a ticket to the world competition. I think that is all that is being done to improve the status of a teacher, “he said.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050