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by October 9, 2019 Fun

At present, the country is launching the mandatory social insurance system on the instructions of the President and the President. We interviewed Aitolkyn Sultanova, manager of the Public Relations Department of the Social Medical Insurance Fund, about how people register on the system, how to get medical services through the system.

According to him, from January 1, 2020, all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be provided with the same medical care in the Compulsory Social Medical Insurance System.

“Next year, all citizens registered in the social insurance system will be able to use medical services in two packages. One of them is the guaranteed volume of free medical care (GVFMA), and the second is compulsory social health insurance (MSSS).

The medical assistance package does not depend on the size of the contribution paid by citizens or workplaces. All citizens receive the same medical aid. For example, a citizen living in rural areas can get the same medical aid, even if he has a smaller salary than a city citizen, “Sultanov said.

According to Aktolkin Sultanova, since January 2020, every citizen will be contributing to the Social Insurance Fund.

“At present, according to the law of the fund, only employers are transferring money for their employees. The amount of transfer is 1.5% of the salary of each citizen. However, salaries of employees are not deductible, and employers pay the company. Starting from 2020, 1 percent of the worker’s wages will be paid as a contribution. Individual entrepreneurs pay five percent of their 1.4month salary, “he said.

In addition, he noted that the launch of the GMSM system is a great support for the people. For example, the state will pay the contribution to the social insurance fund for certain social groups.

“The state subsidizes the discounted 15 categories of citizens. Among them are children, unemployed people, unemployed pregnant women, invalids of all groups, caregivers for disabled children, pensioners, fulltime students, citizens receiving social assistance from the state, “he said.

Besides, he said that every citizen has the right to choose a medical center.

“By 2020, every citizen has the right to choose the necessary medical center. The site provides a list of the Center’s contracting centers. In order to create a competition, we contract not only with stateowned medical institutions, but also with private medical centers. It is also possible that through this system citizens will be able to perform hightech operations, “he said.

In addition, he noted that since September the contact center has been opened. From now on, any citizen can contact 1406 and get answers to all questions related to the system. Also, if a complaint is filed against a lawyer by a citizen, we will consider it within our competence, he concluded.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050