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Aktobe launched transport and logistics center

by December 17, 2016 Fun

Aktobe region is one of the largest transit hubs in Central Asia. Opening TLC is relevant for all sectors of the economy. It is included in the general scheme of service of the international transit corridor, transport and logistics system “Western Europe – Western China”.

The center’s area is 15 thousand square meters. It has all the necessary infrastructure.

The company created 250 jobs with an average salary of 100 thousand tenge.

The main advantage of the TLC is its favorable economic and geographical position, the value of which has increased especially in the context of globalization. TLC will receive and handle loads of up to 70,583 tons per year.

In addition, in Aktobe opened a unique hypermarket “Sheber” with an area of 16 000 sq m. For the implementation of this project 2.5 billion tenge was invested, 260 jobs was created.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050