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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Air transport plays important role in economic development – congratulation of Kyrgyz president

by October 7, 2021 Market

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Zhaparov congratulated the civil aviation workers of the country on their professional holiday – the Day of Civil Aviation.

In his congratulation President Zhaparov said that it is difficult to imagine a person’s life without air transport, the contribution of civil aviation to the development of various sectors of the national economy.

“Air transport plays an important role in international passenger and cargo transportation. This was especially evident during a pandemic, when citizens, as well as socially significant humanitarian medical supplies, were transported by air,” he noted.

The Kyrgyz president emphasized that the main asset of the industry, its main potential are people who faithfully serve their profession. All workers in this industry, from air traffic controllers and pilots to airport employees, devote their strength, knowledge and experience to serving the sky with dedication. Courageous, talented and dedicated aviators ensure the reliability and regularity of air transportation, a high culture of passenger service.

“Air transport plays an important role in the economic development of our country through the provision of aviation services, through international passenger and cargo transportation,” President Zhaparov stressed.

He also noted the necessity to use the advantageous geographic location of the country, the necessity to accelerate the creation of multimodal cargo air hubs in order to increase the capacity of international airports in the country.

Zhaparov also stressed the necessity to pay attention to the development of small aviation in Kyrgyzstan, which will make it possible to meet the needs of the population and the economy in aviation services and require the consolidation of all efforts, professional experience and knowledge that contributes to the further development of civil aviation in the country.

At the end of his congratulation President Zhaparov wished the civil aviation workers good health, invariably good weather and clear skies, success in the work and well-being.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency