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by January 23, 2020 General

During a working trip to Germany to participate in the International Green Week 2020 exhibition, a Kazakh delegation led by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Aidarbek Saparov held talks with key partners in the framework of the Kazakhstan-German Agrarian-Political Dialogue (KGAPD) project – representatives of the Federal Ministry of Food and German Agriculture (BMEL) and GFA Group GmbH, the Kazakh agriculture ministry reports.

The parties discussed the implementation of a bilateral cooperation project of two ministries – KGAPD – for the next three years. German partners proposed three main areas in which an exchange of experience and knowledge will be carried out � organic agriculture, financial instruments and cooperation on strategic issues of agricultural policy.

In his address, Aidarbek Saparov expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for many years of close cooperation, and also stated the readiness of the Kazakh side to further develop interstate relations in the agricultural sector, especially in areas related to import substitution.

In turn, the Federal Ministry of Food and German Agriculture (BMEL) also confirmed the intention of the German side to provide comprehensive support to the Kazakh colleagues. At the same time, it was recalled that in Kazakhstan, with the participation of German experts, two significant projects have already been successfully implemented � increasing the competencies in the field of milk production and consulting services for agricultural producers based on the German Agrarian Centre.

We welcome joint cooperation and work as one big Kazakh-German team. If you have a need for advice on fish farming, digital equipment, we are also ready to provide our assistance, Nadine Conle, a BMEL representative, said.

She also proposed to create working groups, which will include qualified specialists to which Aydarbek Saparov expressed support and his readiness to accept the members of the working group and discuss with them urgent issues of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan.

During President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s 5-6 December 2019 visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, meetings with the leadership of large German companies, including CLAAS and BAUMANN, were held. These meetings saw the singning of a joint statement of the ministries of agriculture of Kazakhstan and Germany on the further development and deepening of cooperation in the framework of the Kazakhstan-German Agrarian-Political Dialogue cooperation project.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050