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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

AEF: Global Challenges Summit 2018 to become source of strategic decisionsT. Suleimenov

by May 3, 2018 Fun

XI Astana Economic Forum will be held on May 17-19 this year. According to T. Suleimenov, this year the Forum is being held in a modified format and will become the summit of global challenges.

The Deputy Chairman of the organizing committee dwelt separately on the substantive, organizational aspects and answered questions of interest to the media.

Astana Economic Forum: Global Challenges Summit 2018 will become a source of development of strategic decisions that are relevant both on a global scale and specifically for our country.

“The most important goal of the AEF this year is to provide the expert community, the technological elite, government officials, visionaries and leaders of large corporations with a platform for searching for meaningful answers and decisions of a global scale,” said Deputy Chairman of the AEF organizing committee, T. Suleimenov.

The most pressing issues of global development: from digitization to the person of a new format, from crypto currency to robot-substituted humanity, from the world economy to clean energy.

According to T. Suleimenov, the outlines of the forum have been formed.

“The program of the forum is ready, it is available on the official website. About 500 guests and speakers are expected, their level and status correspond to the high level set by the agenda of the Forum,” T. Suleimenov noted.

Deputy Chairman of the AEF organizing committee specifically noted the representation of the AEF. Such guests as Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, have been added to the list of names voiced previously. The guest of the Forum will also be a man who initiated and carried out the famous digital revolution in EstoniaToomas Ilves.

This year the Forum will be held for three days. The third day will be fully dedicated the consideration and adaptation of the ideas and solutions discussed in the first days of the forum to the Kazakhstan agenda.

“I want to emphasize that Kazakhstan intends to use the results of the international discussion on ways to solve the global challenges of the planet at the supranational, national and corporate levels in the most effective way. Following the results of the third day, which we called a strategic session, we expect valuable practical recommendations for our country from the international experts,” T. Suleimenov said.

Answering the question of journalists about the benefits of the Forum for Kazakhstan, T. Suleimenov explained that previously, the recommendations of the AEF were applicable mostly to economic and financial policies. The current expansion of the subject should provide recommendations in the field of human capital development, new technologies, etc., as well as open up opportunities for the development of a more comprehensive national strategy and tactics.

“This is the distinguishing feature of the Astana Economic Forum of 2018,” Timur Suleimenov summed up.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan