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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Additional passenger trains launched because of difficult weather conditions – KTZ

by January 9, 2017 World Sports

Since the beginning of winter weather anomalies repeatedly caused extreme environments on the entire territory of Kazakhstan.

Snowfalls, blizzards, strong wind, extreme temperature changes, ice have caused serious traffic problems. Flights were postponed in several airports, closed highways in many areas.

In some areas dozens of cars, hundreds of people were captured in snow.

In difficult weather conditions, railway traffic was not stopped. Trains were the only available and most popular form of transport, which led to a significant increase in the number of passengers.

Their number has dramatically increased during the Christmas holidays. JSC “NC “KTZ” pays great attention to ensuring stable operation of the railway system in the difficult winter conditions.

“All services were transferred to a special, enhanced mode. All measures are taken in order to ensure the smooth and safe transportation,” said K. Alpysbayev. To transport a large number of people were involved the entire fleet of passenger cars.

“In the third week of December last year and early January this year on the most stressed area cruised mostly longest passenger trains. In the compositions of 44 passenger trains additionally clung 500 cars. Some days were slinging up to 80 cars with a capacity of 7,200 seats”, – informed the President of JSC “Passenger transportation” Nurdaulet Kilibai.

In the days of the closure of highways and delay of flights were taken emergency measures in order to give the opportunity to leave the train for everyone. More than 1,500 passengers, among whom were many children, women and elderly people delivered to the nearest regional centres without provision of seats with a compulsory demand for the payment in wagons.

As reported N.Kilibai were exported about 50 thousand passengers. In December last year transported nearly two million passengers (100 thousand persons more than in the same period of 2015).

Appropriate measures have been taken at the railway stations of Astana, Borovoy, and Karaganda where a large crowd of people formed. Passengers were informed via information desks, information boards, on the speakerphone about changes in the organization of movement of trains. Increased seats in waiting rooms, allocated additional space to accommodate people, to ensure monitoring of the continuous operation of the catering, rooms for passengers with children, shopping items and other objects stations.

To ensure smooth passage of trains around the clock cleaning railway tracks from snow work is under way.

“To fight snow storm every day left more than two thousand fitters. Just since December of last year involved more than 72 thousand fitters and more than a thousand workers of the second phase of railway workers of different enterprises. Used various snow plow and snow removal equipment that is in average � day and night � have made more than 50 flights, for the whole period made about two thousand flights,” – informed the head of the Directorate of highway network of JSC “NC “KTZ” Zharas Izgulov.

Removed more than 746 thousand cubic meters of snow, cleared over 81 thousand km of railways.

During a conference the leaders of Akmola, Karaganda, Pavlodar branches of the roads reported on the measures which were taken to provide transportation in difficult winter conditions.

The head of the Company Alpysbayev instructed to make maximum use of technological reserve of passenger cars to implement additional hind-carriage. Granted permission in an emergency situation to form the longest trains, take other measures, which don’t pose a threat to traffic safety and provide mass transportation of passengers.

Source: Kazakstan 2050